‘Once Upon A Time’ 2.18 Episode Recap and Review: Selfless, Brave and True

Lies, desperation, and hidden pasts consumed this week’s Once Upon A Time! The audience is treated to the reappearance of an old favorite! August Booth (Eion Bailey) is back, and not in that great of shape! Meanwhile, we learn a bit more about Neal’s (Michael Raymond-James) fiancé, Tamara (Sonequa Martin-Green).

Hong Kong (August’s Past):

August is in Hong Kong living it up until his leg suddenly turns into wood! He’s desperate to save himself from his fate. After all else fails, August runs into a magical man called ‘The Dragon’. It turns out that he can perform miracles, so long as he has a personal belonging and a bunch of money. With the item out of the way, August must find $10,000 and quickly. Cue Tamara! The audience is led to believe that Tamara is in Hong Kong hoping to cure her cancer, but in reality, she just wanted magic. August steals the money he needs from her, resulting in his own demise. Tamara ends up stealing the magical potion from August, killing the dragon, and setting into motion an elaborate plan to find Storybrooke and its magic!


Neal has decided to invite his seemingly oblivious fiancé to Storybrooke. After breaking the ice with bagels, Neal decides to let Tamara in on his massive fairytale secret. It’s no surprise that she gets upset and inevitably leaves, but the audience comes to realize that Tamara knows way more than she’s letting on. Cut to Snow (Ginnifer Goodwin) letting out some steam in the forest. As she’s doing a bit of archery, she notices a lone arrow’s tip was broken off in the distance. This prompts her to find a trailer inhabiting none-other than August! After having a chat with him, it becomes evident that he’s completely embarrassed by his wooden form and begs Snow not to let his father know of his existence. Regardless, Snow tells Geppetto (Tony Amendola) and Emma (Jennifer Morrison) where August is and head off to make amends. Sadly, Tamara overhears their conversation and races to reach August first. Tamara gives him the opportunity to save himself from his wooden exterior, but he decides to take the brave route and fight her wickedness. In the end, Tamara kills August, but is overwhelmed when the Blue Fairy brings him back as a little boy (minus the memories!)… And in a shocking twist, it turns out that Tamara and Owen are in cahoots with each other!

I was pretty excited to see August again, and last night’s episode was the perfect welcome back! I thoroughly enjoyed this. I’m unsure why, but Selfless, Brave and True didn’t really stick to me. It was a fantastic episode, but I can’t really give it a ton of praise. Yes, it provided an interesting backstory and a bunch of new shocking information, but it wasn’t a ‘wow’ episode. Possibly the writing? The characters? I wish I knew, but sadly I just have to settle with a half like, half dislike towards this episode.



  • Owen and Tamara?!
  • Will Snow receive her second chance? Or will the darkness take over her heart?


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  1. For me, it was the characters. Tamara and Owen aren’t growing on me, and them working together just came out of left field. Owen supposed to be there to look for his father, and she seems to have more negative reasons. I don’t quite see the common interest. Plus, where did they meet? A magic conspiracy theorist support group?

  2. This was the worst episode of the season for me, if not the entire series. Just boring and terribly written all around.