‘Necessary Roughness’ 3.05 Episode Recap And Review: V3 For Vendetta

Business is always personal, and the recent developments on Necessary Roughness, prove that theory is true, as someone at V3 Management has beef with Connor McClane.

A lot transpired in the previous installment: the FBI raided the agency, Carl Webber (VP of Accounting) confessed to Dani that he was stealing money, Connor suspected that his former assistant Abigail Bruce was the root of the investigation, Nico decided that he no longer wants to be a criminal informant, and Dr. Santino broke things off with Sam after realizing being a casual fling is not her style. Meanwhile, TK and Sheera still have a hot and cold relationship that seems to be interfering with his performance on the football field.

The more I watch Necessary Roughness, the more I realize that the show is becoming less about sports, and more about business and pleasure. So far, the writers of the program have yet to show TK (Mechad Brooks) play a single football game on the field. Instead, time is spent focusing on the star wide receiver as a brand more than an athlete. Meanwhile, Dani (Callie Thorne) is so pre-occupied by her work-life way more than she is her personal one, which is probably because she still hasn’t gotten over the Nico thing. Speaking of Mr. Careles (Scott Cohen), why must he always run from his personal problems, rather than face them like a man? In season two, when Danielle started dating Matt (Marc Blucas), he supposedly fled to Dallas. But as soon as the relationship went sour, all of a sudden he’s back on Long Island? Now, because Santino is involved with Sam (Sam Page), all of a sudden he doesn’t want to work as a criminal informant anymore? What a punk!

Relationships aside, here’s to hoping that Dr. D. keeps a close eye on Troy (David Anders) and her super nosey-and-way-too-friendly assistant, Paloma, who obviously is a little snake who’ll do anything to get ahead.

Side note:

• Will Dani and Nico ever realize how compatible they are with each other, and finally hook up for real this time?

What would you like to see more of on Necessary Roughness this season?