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‘Suits’ 3.12 Recap and Review: 5 Things We Learned From ‘Yesterday’s Gone’

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Picking up where the character-driven plot last left off, the second installment of Suits 3.5 revealed some very interesting things about the show’s main characters: 1. Louis (Rick Hoffman) plays by the letter of the law and takes his job very seriously, as evidenced by his decision to invite Professor Gerard (Stephen Macht) to Pearson […]

‘Suits’ 3.11 Recap And Review: How Committed Are You To Me?

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“In life there are no secrets. Just hidden truths that lie beneath the surface.”  –  Dexter Morgan Michael C. Hall may not have anything to do with Suits, but his quote from season one of the former crime drama on Showtime can most certainly be applied to Suits’ “Buried Secrets” episode. Louis (Rick Hoffman) is […]

‘Suits’ Season 3.5 Premiere: What Can We Expect?

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USA’s flagship legal drama, Suits, returns tonight at 9p EST with six new episodes, as part of the network’s 2014 Spring line-up. In the mid-season premiere, the opening episode picks up with Louis (Rick Hoffman) finding out that Mike (Patrick J. Adams) doesn’t have a file at Harvard’s Library of Student Records, and Harvey (Gabriel […]

Showtime Cancels ‘Californication,’ Seventh Season Will Be The Last

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Seven is said to be the number of completion, and in the case of Showtime Network's Californication...

EPIX and Paramount Launch The Search for the Next Ron Burgundy Contest

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Attention Anchorman fans – it's time to dust off the red blazer and pour yourself a scotchy scotch scotch!

‘Covert Affairs’ 4.15 Recap and Review: Get Henry Or Die Trying

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Calder, Annie and Auggie travel to Hong Kong to seek out Wilcox and learn that catching him is easier said than done.

‘Covert Affairs’ 4.14 Episode Recap And Review: Awkward Tension

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As a result of what transpired in 'No. 13 Baby,' Annie and Arthur are distancing themselves from their significant others, and the tension is so thick you can cut it with a knife.

‘Covert Affairs’ 4.13 Recap And Review: Up Close and Personal

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The thirteenth episode of Covert Affairs, which aired on Halloween was all about personal issues between the main characters - that resulted in many tragedies.

‘Covert Affairs’ 4.12 Episode Recap And Review: Playing Dirty

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In the last Covert Affairs episode, 'Something Against You,' Jessica made a bold move to pique Wilcox's attention, by setting up David for the helicopter explosion in Frankfurt.

USA Orders Fourth Season Of ‘Suits’

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Die-hard suitors rejoice! Creator Aaron Korsh has signed a deal with Universal Cable Productions to continue his work on Suits, in addition to developing a new scripted series.

T.I. Joins ‘House of Lies’ Cast

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There's a reason why T.I.'s record label is named 'Hustle Gang,' and that's because the Atlanta-based rapper has multiple revenue streams.

‘Covert Affairs’ 4.11 Episode Recap and Review: Does Henry Really Believe That Annie is Dead?

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The mid-season return of Covert Affairs is back in full-effect with Jessica Matthews as America's new darker and edgier, international spy-girl.