‘Covert Affairs’ 4.12 Episode Recap And Review: Playing Dirty

In the last Covert Affairs episode, “Something Against You,” Jessica made a bold move to pique Wilcox’s attention, by setting up David for the helicopter explosion in Frankfurt. She killed off Henry’s mole, demanded ransom money and for once, Henry didn’t have control of the situation. But not for long. As always, our spy girl continued to make rookie mistakes that almost blew her new cover. Had Matthew’s kept Andrew Goodman’s death a mystery a bit longer, she might have had more time to contemplate a detailed strategy, but that’s going to be difficult since Henry knows what’s going on. And now that Sana’s life is in jeopardy, it’s difficult to tell if she can be trusted. With her husband in custody at Interpol, and her ex threatening to end her life, will Sana give in and betray Matthews? I’m leaning toward yes, since she’s already lost her son and David is all she has left.

But what does this mean for Annie? How will she get herself out of this rut? I’m hoping that Helen, who spotted her, will come to the rescue once she gets all the details; though I doubt she has Walker’s best interest at heart, since she has against Jessica as well considering she still has feelings for Auggie.

Share your thoughts below, and be sure to tune in to “No. 13 Baby” on October 31.


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