Five Reasons To Watch The ‘White Collar’ Season 5 Premiere!

The new season of White Collar returns tonight, and fans are in for a few surprises! Picking up immediately after the season 4 finale when Peter (Tim DeKay) was arrested for the murder of Senator Pratt – which Neal’s dad (Treat Williams) committed before fleeing the crime scene, Matt Bomer’s Caffrey must find a way to get Burke out of prison. But how far is he willing to go to clear the name of his handler and longtime friend?

Having seen the premiere (aptly titled “At What Price”) we know that White Collar fans can expect Neal to revert back to his old conman ways and friendships to be tested, but we didn’t see coming was the changes that are happening both in and outside of the bureau.

Here are five spoilers during the season opener:

  • There will be a new Suit in Caffrey’s life — in the form of Common Law’s Warren Kole. Acting as his new handler, Agent David Seigel will be standing in for Burke while he’s away.
  • Another person from Neal’s past will be popping up to make his life a living hell this season for a seven-episode arc.
  • Someone’s having a baby, but you’ll never guess who it is!
  • Remember that time Matt Bomer’s anklet came off? History will be repeating itself once more.
  • The first case involves an elaborate scheme with a suicidal jumper, two million dollars in gold coins and two counts of arson.
  • Check out the trailer below, and be sure to catch White Collar on its new night: Thursdays at 9pm EST on USA!


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