‘Covert Affairs’ 4.15 Recap and Review: Get Henry Or Die Trying

Calder, Annie and Auggie travel to Hong Kong to seek out Wilcox and learn that catching him is easier said than done. Just when you think Henry is out of moles, out pops three more: Bianca Manning, Eric Braithwaite and a Chinese spy. But what does Wilcox have against them? That’s a question I hope gets answered in this week’s Covert Affairs season finale. So far we know Bianca was trying to get Arthur an 8-10 year prison sentence before her demise, Oliver Lee was Wilcox’s money man before negotiating a deal with Walker, and back in DC The Campbells are doing everything they can get as much evidence as possible to bring Gregory Itzin’s character to justice, but is that enough to make a strong case? What if he has more moles lying around?

If there’s on thing I’ve learned about Henry Wilcox, it’s that he knows some pretty low people in very high places, and I’m almost certain that if he ends up in jail someone will die. And if you’ve been watching Covert Affairs all season long, then you know that anyone is at risk. In the same token, there have been quite a few plot twists and character shifts – including Michael’s, who was made out to look like a bad guy, but ended up the right side of the law. So it’ll be interesting to see what happens next.

Will Joan and Arthur get make Eric turn against Henry to help clear the Campbell name? Or will Annie shoot him in cold blood? More important, when it’s all over will the cast get their old jobs back?

What do you think Walker’s plan is? Share your predictions below, and be sure to catch the season four finale on Thursday at 10p.


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