‘Covert Affairs’ 4.13 Recap And Review: Up Close and Personal

The thirteenth episode of Covert Affairs, which aired on Halloween was all about personal issues between the main characters – that resulted in many tragedies. Helen took the blame for Jessica Matthews, whom Henry believed was the root of all his first world problems, and just like that Hansen was gunned down.

Meanwhile, The Campbells are going through a rough patch because Arthur found out Joan originally had plans to torture Teo, and now he’s blaming her for Braga’s death. Also, before she was killed Auggie had an affair with his ex-wife, as a result of his girlfriend missing in action. But now that Annie’s back in DC, will this incident change the dynamic yet again of their already unmanageable relationship? Walkerson has been through a lot over the years, but it’s not like Anderson didn’t know is alive, and even she’s off the grid, the pair was still together when he cheated. And in the case of Mr. and Mrs. Campbell, Joan had valid reason to back up her actions.

Personal issues aside will our favorite spy couples be able to do their jobs, or will their emotions get the best of them? Share your comments below, and remember to tune in tonight at 10pm EST to USA.


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