‘Royal Pains’ 5.05 Episode Recap And Review: The Needs Of HankMed’s Patients Come First

For the fifth installment of Royal Pains, the writers focused more on HankMed’s patients and less on the lives of the main characters. On the previously titled “Vertigo” — which aired on July 17, Hank treated Don for a recurring cough, while Divya tended to a busy music conductor, whose hearing is off track.

Straying away from the supporting characters every now and again can be a good thing, as it helps bring the medical drama back to its roots, while highlighting the doctor-patient dynamic and still providing a deeper look into the lives of the HankMed crew. In the medical field, the needs of the patients always come first, so I wasn’t surprised to see the storyline devoid of any scenes featuring Boris or Jeremiah, and I’m hoping that as the season progresses, the show becomes less about Evan and Page as individuals and more about the interaction between them as a married couple. Also, I’m looking forward to seeing Hank make the decision to join forces with Symphony Health, and Paul Van Dyke acting as his competition. Since there aren’t any other companies providing concierge services in the Hamptons, giving Kyle Howard’s character a little more room to grow would be a welcomed addition to the series moving forward.

Hamptonites! What would you like to see more of on Royal Pains this season?

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