‘Suits’ 3.3 Review: Five Questions That Need To Be Answered On The Next Episode

Since the start of Suits, there has always seemed to be an office rivalry between the associates and senior partners on Suits, and with every new episode it only gets worse. At times watching the show can be a bit overwhelming, and the “Unfinished Business” installment was no different. The Ava Hessington oil case is spiraling out of control, Harvey wants to overthrow Jessica, and Louis is seeking revenge over Mike’s betrayal, so he hires Katrina to work for him.

With all that is happening, here are some questions I’d like to see addressed on the next “Game of Suits”:

• Does Stephen Huntley have what it takes to be a managing partner?

• Is Harvey really going to overthrow Jessica from her own firm?

• Will the Louis-Katrina dynamic prove to be effective?

• Will Ross be able to continue working with Specter now that he knows his intentions?

• Will Ava go to prison?

Suits fans are well aware that Harvey does not play by the rules, but this season Gabriel Macht’s character is becoming extremely unlikable.

Do you agree with Specter’s legal tactics? Think Jessica is on to his plan?

Sound off below, and be sure to watch another edition of Suits on Aug 5 at 10p EST on USA!


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  1. I did not think I would like Suits, but find myself looking forward to it and wondering about some of the same things you have mentioned….too many unfinished storylines. It is a bit overwhelming at times and things seem to get more and more complicated and cut throat. Before this season, I could not have imagined Harvey going as far as to overthrow Jessica from her own firm, but now I am not sure if this is a plan the 2 of them hatched or it is war. Stephen Huntley has his own agenda and I do not expect him to change.

  2. I love this show. The Characters and Banter between them in the show is fast paced and I miss some so I watch it Again. Not sure how I feel about this “Darker” season, so I’ll just keep watching!

  3. @zoom38: I actually appreciate the darker tone – it makes the series feel more authentic, as NY corporate law is serious business.

  4. i love the show so much. i agree harvey is a D-Bag this season but i am glad him and mike are back on speaking terms again. i just hate what they did to Louis. he did not deserve that. — i look forward to these posts its the only time i get to talk about the show… why don’t you guys post in the suits thread over in the forums???