‘Graceland’ 1.7 Episode Recap And Episode 8 Review: Are DJ And Paige The Strongest Agents In The House?

For many of the housemates, Graceland is many things. For Charlie and Johnny, it represents family, while Briggs just views it as a safe house. But for DJ and Paige, it’s just another day on the job. One thing I’ve realized about Graceland so far is that many of the characters are emotionally invested in a job that they should be, and to me, that makes me see them as weak-minded people. In episode seven, Gracelanders learned about Jakes’ back story: he’s unable to be a father to his son because his job is very dangerous and he knows that, so he distances himself from his loved ones to keep them safe.

Another thing I’ve noticed is that the deeper Warren goes into investigating Paul, the sloppier he gets. When the series first began, the rule of thumb is/was that at Graceland “your lies become your life.” But for some reason Mike has chosen to lie to his colleagues more than he does to his fake girlfriend, Abby. Case in point, that’s exactly why he brought her up to the house despite the fact that the second floor is off limits to guests. For someone who graduated at the top of his class at Quantico, Warren sure does make some really bad decisions!

Now that Daniel Sunjata’s character is becoming more and more interesting as the weeks pass by, the lines are blurred in terms of who he really is. In week six, I wrote a piece on why I thought he wasn’t a bad guy, and while I still stand by my theory, I do believe he is Odin – not in the physical sense though. In my eyes, Paul told Bello he was Odin because it’s part of his cover with the FBI. Why else would he have a stash house full of heroin? It’s all part of a bigger plan to take down the Mexican drug cartel, in which Juan could be a major factor.

In summation, after nine weeks of airtime, I get the feeling that officer Jakes and Paige are the strongest agents in the house because they keep their personal feelings hidden. Also, the real villain on the show is Juan. He is probably Jangles and Briggs knows it. But what about Mike? Does he know his handler shouldn’t be trusted?

Share your theories in the comments section, and be sure to catch the new installment of Graceland tonight at 10p EST on USA!


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  1. another great show that i wish ppl would post about in the show thread in the forums.. i love the twist on briggs/odin.. wonder how long before charlie or mike finds out the truth.

  2. I honestly believe that Charlie will learn the truth first, and it will either ruin her relationship with Briggs, or she will try to help him.

  3. how can she possibly help him.. it doesnt seem to me that he wants to change. he likes the double life. although one of these days its going to get him killed.

  4. I’m not sure how Charlie will be able to help Briggs, but I do know he needs someone in his corner. If you noticed, the writers of Graceland never show how he copes with his addiction.