‘Suits’ 3.5 Episode Recap And Review: Serious Character Development Outside Of Corporate Law

There was a time when Suits used to be an edgy series about the shady machinations of corporate law, but now, the episodes center on petty office wars and casual hook-ups. Donna’s having a fling with Stephen, Harvey’s still fighting with Jessica to get his name on the door, and Mike and Rachel are going through the motions again. Someone please, make it stop! If I wanted a weekly dose of sappy bullsh*t television, I’d watch a daytime soap opera instead. The entire show is becoming way too predictable, and this particular suitor is ready for a change, which should occur over the next few weeks. For starters, I’m glad that Rachel is considering attending Stanford Law, as it would allow Zane to be more than just a paralegal and give the Ross-Katrina dynamic room to develop, because now that Patrick J. Adams and Meghan Markle are an item, they seem rather boring, and I’d much rather see more Adams vs. Amanda Schull.

One of the reasons I started watching the show was because I really liked the idea of a kid with so much wasted potential finally making himself useful. But now, I feel like the writers are having a difficult time deciding what direction Suits is headed. I expect a smart, sexy legal drama, as opposed to a whole lot of sex and relationship drama, so please…bring back the corporate law politics!

Despite my personal feelings toward season 3 however, there are a few positives this season – namely, every scene with Rick Hoffman. In the beginning I thought Louis Liitt was a whiny, self-entitled prick, but he’s actually pretty likeable, and I hope the writers give him more airtime – especially with Nigel. Another positive this season is Donna. While I like that she has a life outside of Pearson-Darby, I don’t really care for her interactions with Huntley. It’s her dialogue with Litt that makes me LOL the most.

Let me know what your likes and dislikes about Suits are in the comments, and tune into to all-new episodes Tuesdays at 10pm EST on USA!


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