‘Graceland’ 1.9 Episode Recap And Review: The Truth Shall Set You Free

Keeping secrets at Graceland is important, but what happens when those lies put you and everyone else around you in danger? Last week, part of the reason Briggs is pursuing Jangles was revealed: five years ago, there was another safe house in which Paul was a member of, that mysteriously burned down and killed five agents. And while the cause of the fire remains unknown, it appears that Briggs is seeking vengeance for two reasons: his heroin addiction, and the death of his former colleagues – one of which was apparently his girlfriend. But what does Jangles have against Paul? Were they in love with the same girl?

The “Smoke Alarm” episodes raised many questions, including why Juan felt the need to pose as Jangles, as well as if he has any involvement with Daniel Sunjata’s character and the drug cartel. One thing is crystal clear though: Rafael Cortez (the Mexican cop, who’s collaborating with Charlie) isn’t telling the whole truth. Also, someone is lying to Warren – why else would there be a transmitter hidden in the picture frame of his grandfather’s photo? And why did Paige call him a ‘rat’ after he confided in her after being stabbed? Wasn’t she the same person telling him to come clean and be himself at Graceland? For someone who’s barely in the house, I found it strange for her to react that way, but I’m guessing it’s because Mike lied to her about Abby in the past.

So who’s the real culprit on the show? Briggs? Juan? Or is it Rafael? Have at it in the comments, and let me know what you think will happen on Graceland, Thursday at 9p EST on USA.


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