‘Suits’ 3.8 Episode Recap And Review: Game Over

Ava’s trial is finally over, Darby is on his way back to where he came from and his fixer is off to prison. The Game of Suits is finally over, which means that Jessica’s back in power and Harvey can get back to doing what he does best: winning. While I’m not happy with how quickly the writers resolved the Hessington Oil case, I am delighted that Suits will be returning to its original format. Since I’ve never seen a Game of Thrones episode, many of the episodes from this season threw me for a loop, but it was nice to see how lawyers from different cultures operate in corporate law. Another nice touch to Suits this season, is the decision to pair Louis and Rachel together – even if their characters don’t have any real purpose other than providing some comic relief and lightheartedness.

It was also great to see Pearson own up to her mistake that is/was the British merger, and apologize to Specter, who tried to warn her that the new partnership would be more toxic than good. The only problem with that sequence was that Harvey didn’t return the favor. I’ve noticed that out of all of the main cast members, Gabriel’s has seen the least amount of growth so far. Sure, he told Donna how he really felt about her love affair with Stephen, but as far as work goes he never gets held accountable for any of his wrong doings; which brings me back to Huntley. His criticism of the firm was beyond accurate – Specter is nothing more than a carbon Cameron Dennis, who hides evidence to get convictions. And while he isn’t physically killing any of the firm’s clients, his methods for solving cases aren’t the most lawful either.

So now that Darby’s out of the picture, does this mean Scottie’s coming back? What about Katrina? There are only two episodes left, Suitors! What are you looking forward to in the mid-season finale? Sound off below, and tune in to an all-new episode of Suits Tuesday at 10p EST, on USA.


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