‘Royal Pains’ 5.13 Episode Recap And Review: Clean Slate

Henry decides to hire Jeremiah to run HankMed while he accompanies Boris on his clinical trials, while Evan agrees to step away from politics for a moment to work on his marriage to Paige. There’s was nothing but happy endings for the most part on the Season 5 finale of Royal Pains, but I do have a few bones to pick with the writers of the show. While I’m happy they were able to tie up loose ends to a very choppy season, not all of the character dilemmas were solved. But I guess that’s why fans have been awarded a sixth season to get all the closure they need, because I felt like the writers took an easy way out with each of the individual storylines.

Take for example the whole “lets be friends” dynamic with Dr. Sacani and Divya, I understand that friends sometimes make better lovers, but in other cases you can’t be friends with another person whom you have strong feelings for; and it just seems like Jeremiah was just telling Divya what she wanted to hear at the time, since she was overwhelmed with her pregnancy issues. To be honest, I highly doubt that he’s completely over her, and I wouldn’t be surprised if she ends of falling for him after the baby is born.

As with Evan and Paige, how are we so sure that once they return from Paris and go to marriage counseling that everything will be all good between them? I’ve always felt like they weren’t meant for each other, as they don’t really have anything in common, but I could be wrong, so it’ll be interesting to see what happens between them next summer.

I like the idea of Henry going on “vacation” with Boris, as it will give him time to fully evaluate everything that transpired this season. However, I also feel like he’s running away from his problems and putting his responsibility on Dr. Sacani because of the kind of person he is.

Hamptonites! What did you think of the Royal Pains Season 5 finale? And what would you like to see next summer? Let me know in the comments.