NCredible Headphones Review: Great Sound And Great Style

The world leader in personal audio, Monster, along with multi-faceted entertainer and entrepreneur Nick Cannon’s NCredible Entertainment have partnered up on something pretty cool! Headphones that not only sound amazing – but are also stylish.

FanBolt recently had a change to review a pair of the new N-Tune™ On-Ear Headphones from Monster, and I instantly fell in love with them. The headphones had a comfortable fit along with a tangle free cord (something I have always had issues with), but what really caught my attention was that they came with a pause/start button and a microphone attached to the cord. It was so subtle in the design that I didn’t even notice it at first, but now they’ve become a must-have for the podcasts I do with 3 Girls and a Podcast.

The button on the cord is called ControlTalk – this feature allows you to start and stop music and also pick up and disconnect calls – so it’s a great companion to your mobile devices.

Aside from using the headphones for the podcast, they’ve also become my go-to headphones for work as well. I spend most of the day either writing articles for FanBolt or doing web development, so music is a must to help keep me in the zone. These headphones provide a sound quality that is everything I could ask for. The bass is nice and heavy and the sound is crisp and clear. It doesn’t matter how high you have the volume cranked – it’s all distortion free thanks to Monster’s advanced audio technologies.

The N-Tune™ On-Ear Headphones come in an assortment of colors including: Candy Green, Candy Red, Candy Blue, Candy Purple and Candy Tangerine. I’m a proud owner of the Candy Purple! You can pick up a pair at Office Depot stores around the world, as well as at Wal-Mart,, and Fry’s Electronics.

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