‘Severance’ Season 2 Filming Remains Paused Due to WGA Strike

Severance Season 2

Severance Season 2 paused production last month due to the strike, and the AppleTV+ production remains paused indefinitely as the strike continues into its sixth week.

Production on the Severance Season 2 picked back up last October after an incredibly successful Season 1. Filming on the new season has been taking place under the working titles of “Cold Harbor” and “Rockbridge.”

The History of Severance

The series’ pilot first aired on February 18, 2022, with the season finale debuting on April 8, 2022. And before that finale premiered, the streaming platform had already renewed the series for a second season.

Since its debut last year, the series, created by Dan Erickson, quickly captured the hearts of audiences. Helmed by acclaimed directors Ben Stiller and Aoife McArdle, the show steadily garnered praise from both fans and critics, resulting in an impressive haul of 14 Emmy nominations across multiple categories such as cinematography, direction, production design, musical score, storytelling, and performances.

And with an impressive 97% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes, the first season has generated high anticipation among eager fans eagerly awaiting its return

Erickson, Cherry, Ben Stiller, Britt Lower, Patricia Arquette,Tillman at the Severance Finale Screening at Directors Guild of America
Photo Credit: Kathy Hutchins

What Is Severance About?

Severance, an Apple TV+ sci-fi psychological thriller, delves into the lives of Lumon Industries’ employees who have undergone a unique severance procedure. This process divides their memories between their professional and personal realms.

However, as the boundaries between their work and personal lives become increasingly blurred. And the consciousness of these individuals begins to fragment, leading to a critical reevaluation of the entire experiment.

The series features a talented ensemble cast, with Adam Scott portraying the character of Mark, Zach Cherry as Dylan, Britt Lower as Helly R., Tramell Tillman as Seth, Jen Tullock as Devon, Dichen Lachman as Ms. Casey, Michael Chernus as Ricken Hale, John Turturro as Irving Bailiff, Christopher Walken as Burt, and Patricia Arquette as Harmony, among many other notable actors.

Severance Season 2
Photo Credit: Apple TV+

Severance Season 2 Production

We also know the upcoming season will introduce an exciting array of new additions to the cast. Those names include Gwendoline Christie, Bob Balaban, Merritt Wever, Alia Shawkat, Robby Benson, Stefano Carannante, Ólafur Darri Ólafsson, and John Noble. 

Production on the series’ second season started back on October 17, 2022. And filming was expected to continue through July 17, 2023. However, with the production pausing last month, it’s still unclear when it will pick back up and when filming will ultimately wrap on Season 2.

Severance, which films in New York and Newfoundland, was also set for one week of filming in Toronto this month. However, Severance is far from the only series impacted by the WGA strike. It’s also impacted Netflix’s Stranger Things, Max’s Hacks, Showtime’s Billions, and Starz’s The Venery of Samantha Bird. All of these are temporarily shut down until the conclusion of the writers’ strike.

Stay tuned for additional details on the WGA strike and for when filming for the second season will resume.