Seth Rogen Weighs In on Hollywood Writers’ Strike and Disney’s Bob Iger Shares Personal Commitment

Seth Rogen

Seth Rogen, whose latest movie, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem, just hit theaters, is weighing on the ongoing Hollywood writers’ strike. 

Rogen, 41, is claiming that the real issue between the film studios and streaming giants being unable to resolve their issues is because they “hate each other.”

“The studios haven’t even spoken to each other, is what I’ve heard,” Rogen tells Sky News. “So not only does it seem as though the writers and actors have a great distance to go when it comes to the studios, I think the studios have a great distance to go, probably a greater one, when it goes to them getting on the same page.”

“These are people who hate each other. To think that Universal has the same priorities as Netflix is insane,” he adds. “What concerns me is that they will be completely unable to bring forth a coherent and unified proposal because of their own infighting and divergent priorities.”

Disney’s Bob Iger Weighs in from the Studio Side

Meanwhile, on the studio’s side, Disney’s Bob Iger claims he’s determined and “personally committed” to finding a quick resolution to the Hollywood writers’ strike.

When asked about the WGA strike on a recent Disney earnings call, Iger replied, “It is my fervent hope that we quickly find solutions to the issues that have kept us apart these past few months. And I am personally committed to working to achieve this result.”

Furthermore, Iger, 72, is also insisting that he has the deepest respect for everyone working in the film and television industry.

“Nothing is more important to this company than its relationships with the creative community… that includes actors, writers, animators, directors, and producers,” Iger notes. “I have deep respect and appreciation for all those who are vital to the extraordinary creative engine that drives this company and our industry.”


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