‘The Dragon Prince’ Season 6: Release Date Speculation, News, Cast, and More

The Dragon Prince Season 6

The Dragon Prince Season 6 is in the works. The animated series continues to be a hit for Netflix since it first premiered in 2018. Five seasons later, and fans are ready for more!

So here’s everything we know about The Dragon Prince Season 6. There may be spoilers ahead from season five.

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The Dragon Prince Season 6 Confirmed

The Dragon Prince Season 6 was ordered by Netflix in 2020. But the streaming service had already given the go signal for four more seasons when Season 3 aired.

While the seventh season may be the last, it’s also possible the franchise may go beyond that.

The show was created by Justin Richmond and Aaron Ehasz, who wrote and directed several episodes. Villads Spangsberg, George Samilski, Lih Liau, Giancarlo Volpe, and Meruan Salim also served as directors in several episodes. Neil Mukhopadhyay contributed to the screenplay. Other names attached to the series include Joe Corcoran, Eugene Ramos, Michals Schick, Paige VanTassell, Devon Giehl, and Iain Hendry.

“This story arc is seven seasons, or The Dragon Prince is seven seasons,” Ehasz told Screenrant in July during Comic-Con.

“It’s really hard, but it’s also a humbling honor and a joy to be able to create it. And to be able to do that with a team of inspired writers and artists and everyone who’s working together to build Xadia? It’s inspiring us all the time,” said Ehasz.

The Dragon Prince is often compared to another hugely popular animated series, Avatar: The Last Airbender with its world called Xadia. In Xadia, there are six types of magic, all of which come from the sun, moon, stars, the ocean, the sky, and the earth. But when humans create their own type of magic, a war breaks out between Xadia and the Human Kingdom. The fate of the world is in the hands of a group of young heroes.

Elmer in The Dragon Prince
Elmer in ‘The Dragon Prince’ / Photo Credit: Netflix

What Happened in The Dragon Prince Season 5?

In the fifth season of The Dragon Prince, Viren is resurrected by his daughter Claudia with dark magic that came from Aaravos. However, Viren’s resurrection turns out to be temporary. Claudia is tasked to free Aaravos from his prison under the belief that he can bring Viren back to life permanently. But for Claudia to do so, she has to find where Aaravos is being kept, the location being a closely guarded secret.

Claudia decides to join Callum, Ezran, Rayla, Zym, and Soren to find the secret prison. The group themselves are on the search for a special artifact called the Novoblade that can kill Aaravos. When they find both the prison and the blade, conflict erupts between the team and Claudia. As the team is against Claudia freeing Aaravos, she is eventually defeated.

The team ends up divided over whether to leave Aaravos alive or kill him for good. There are also hints that Callum may be leaning toward the dark side, after using dark magic to save his friends. While the team is unaware, Callum may be brought to using dark magic even more and how close his proximity to Aaravos won’t make it any easier to resist.

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Soren in ‘The Dragon Prince’ / Photo Credit: Netflix

What to Expect in Season 6?

The Dragon Prince Season 6 is expected to continue with the tension between the team of heroes. As the fourth and fifth seasons of the show focused on finding Aaravos, season six will likely deal with what happens after finding Aaravos. Ezran is faced with more enemies and big decisions will be made that can change Xadia forever.

This might mean putting a stop to the Sunfire villains as Karim’s alliance with the Sunfire kingdom threatens to attack Xadia. Karim’s now capable of weaponizing the blind fire dragon Sol Regem again while Miyana has an army and the evil elf Kim’dael as his assassin. Karim may decide to start a civil war against his sister Queen Janai.

Going back to Aaravos, fans are speculating that he set everything up to turn the kingdoms against each other and paint himself as the savior Xadia needs. Should Karim decide to start a full-fledged war, Xadia may not have a choice but to free him. It poses an opportunity for Aaravos to start a second reign.

After what happened in Season 5, Season 6 may give Viren and Claudia a chance to redeem themselves. Viren has shown regret over his actions after making the pact for Aaravos’ power back in Season 1. Viren may harness his power to defend his people and play a major part in stopping Aaravos.

The coming season may also see Callum continue to struggle with the use of dark magic. After using it in season five, Callum may be heading down a dark path.

Without going into details, Spangsberg revealed during Comic-Con last month that they “are working on it” with the fifth season being where the story “really takes off.”

Tidebound Tina in The Dragon Prince
Tidebound Tina in ‘The Dragon Prince’ / Photo Credit: Netflix

The Dragon Prince Cast

For The Dragon Prince Season 6, most of the show’s original cast is expected to return. This includes Jason Simpson as Viren, Jack De Sena as Callum, Paula Burrows as Rayla, Sasha Rojen as Ezran, Racquel Belmonte as Claudia, Jesse Inocalla as Soren, Omari Newton as Corvus, Rena Anakwe as Janai, Adrian Petriw as Commander Gren, Benjamin Callins as Terry, Nicole Oliver as Queen Zubeia, and Erik Todd Dellums as Aaravos.

No word yet on who else may be joining the cast, in case new characters are introduced for season six.

When pressed on which character are they excited for fans to explore in the fifth season, Ehasz said Viren’s the one to watch.

“I think we saw a foreshadowing of what he goes through back in season four, but just how raw he is and just how exposed reopened these old wounds inside him that probably were traumas that were scarred over and buried. But then, hey, you die and get resurrected. And it turns out all this stuff is fresh and the damage is being felt. As a result, he’s grappling with it,” said Ehasz.

Opeli in The Dragon Prince
Opeli in ‘The Dragon Prince’ / Photo Credit: Netflix

The Dragon Prince Season 6 Release Date Speculation

Unfortunately, there’s been no word on a release date for The Dragon Prince Season 6. The time between releases can change as the animated series went on a three-year hiatus between seasons three and four. Season five premiered seven months after season four, so it’s anyone’s guess when the sixth season might happen.

However, with the ongoing WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes that put most productions on hold, we’ll likely wait a little longer. Fans will see The Dragon Prince Season 6 in the first or second quarter of 2024 at the earliest.

For now, fans can rewatch the first five seasons on Netflix.