‘Sweet Magnolias’ Season 4: Release Date & Renewal Speculation, News, Cast, and More

Sweet Magnolias Season 4

One of Netflix’s most successful dramas is Sweet Magnolias, based on the books of Sherryl Woods. And with Season 3 just wrapping up, fans are already asking for Sweet Magnolias Season 4.

Will there be a fourth season? What would it focus on? Which cast members would return? Here’s everything we know about the future of the beloved Netflix series.

Heather Headley as Helen and Dion Johnstone as Erik
Heather Headley as Helen and Dion Johnstone as Erik in episode 302 of ‘Sweet Magnolias’ / Photo Credit: Netflix

What Happened in Sweet Magnolias Season 3?

Season three left fans wondering about several plot points that could likely be addressed in a possible Season 4. One example is whether or not Erik and Helen would get back together. Helen might’ve broken up with Ryan, but there is still that lingering possibility of restarting things with Erik.

Other questions that fans have for a possible Sweet Magnolias Season 4 include whether Peggy will run and become mayor after Trent stepped down. There’s also Ty and Annie and whether will they ever get together, or whether Isaac reveals to Noreen that he’s Bill’s son. And what about Kathy and Bill? What’s next for them?

Noreen and Jeremy’s relationship was explored a little more in the latest season. Their frequent encounters suggest a bond forming between the two characters, either platonic or romantic.

JoAnna Garcia Swisher
JoAnna Garcia Swisher as Maddie in episode 310 of ‘Sweet Magnolias’ / Photo Credit: Netflix

Whats to Come with Isaac and Bill?

JoAnna Garcia Swisher, who plays Maddie, hinted at the plot threat of Isaac’s connection to Bill. Season two revealed that Bill is Isaac’s biological father, which makes him a step-brother to Maddie’s three children and related to Noreen’s baby daughter.

“That’s going to be a big one. We don’t really go too much into that at the end of the season. Because it’s obviously a very celebratory moment. But when Bill is walking away, there’s this realization that there’s so much she’s going to have to explain to her kids,” said Garcia Swisher.

Sweet Magnolias has often steered away from the original source material. But in case Netflix renews the show for a fourth season, there are 11 books for the showrunners to choose from and adapt. Three of the books have already been adapted to the show’s first season.

Sweet Magnolias Cast
Heather Headley as Helen, Brooke Elliott as Dana Sue, Caroline Lagerfelt as Paula, JoAnna Garcia Swisher as Maddie, Justin Bruening as Cal, Brandon Quinn as Ronnie, Luray Cooper as Skeeter in episode 310 of ‘Sweet Magnolias’ / Photo Credit: Netflix

Sweet Magnolias Cast

In case of a Sweet Magnolias Season 4, most of the cast from Season 3 are expected to return. This includes the three main stars, JoAnna Garcia Swisher as Maddie Townsend, Brooke Elliot as Dana Sue Sullivan, and Heather Headley as Helen Decatur. Other stars expected to return for a possible season four include Chris Medlin as Isaac Downey, Harlan Drum as Cece Matney, Chase Anderson as Farmer Jeremy, Logan Allen as Kyle Townsend, Carson Rowland as Tyler “Ty” Townsend, and Anneliese Judge as Annie Sullivan.

Also expected to return are Justin Bruening as Cal Maddox, Jamie Lynn Spears as Noreen Fitzgibbons, Dion Johnstone as Erik Whitley, and Brandon Quinn as Ronnie Sullivan. Ella Grace Helton replaced Berry Tarantino in season two as Katie Townsend, so she’s also expected to come back.

It remains to be seen if Chris Klein will be returning to reprise his role as Bill Townsend should the show be renewed. Especially after what happened to his character at the end of season three, Klein may return as a guest star or as a recurring character instead. Paula Vreeland, who plays Caroline, Maddie’s mother, may also return to season four but as a guest star or recurring character.

Wynn Everett as Kathy and Chris Klein as Bill
Wynn Everett as Kathy, Chris Klein as Bill in episode 310 of ‘Sweet Magnolias’

What to Expect for a Possible Season 4

After what happened in season three, Sweet Magnolias Season 4 might not put the three women at odds with each other again. With the unsolved questions from the latest season, what a possible season four would tackle remains unclear.

Elliot told TV Line ahead of the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes that while her character gets a happy ending in season three, there’s more to be told.

“I thought it was a brilliant combination of a happy ending but also hope for more. That was the brilliance in the way it was written. The finale did have some closure. But if you dig in, you can see that there are still stories to come. There are other pieces that could be revealed. Hopefully, we get more. That would be great,” said Elliot.

Brooke Elliott as Dana Sue
Brooke Elliott as Dana Sue in episode 309 of ‘Sweet Magnolias’ / Photo Credit: Netflix

Separately, Elliot told TV Insider that she would love to see more of Ronnie and Dana Sue together. “I really love them. And I love the growth that they go through.”

How Season 3 Ended

“I think the poor fans would kill us if there was another cliffhanger,” said Headley, about the finale. “I’m glad it ended with a period or an exclamation point. Maybe it’s a dot, dot, dot, question mark.”

Garcia Swisher told Good Housekeeping that there’s more to be said about the three main characters after the events of Season 3.

The rift between the three ladies “adds a lot of depth to their friendship,” said Garcia Swisher. “The show literally celebrates this friendship between these three women. That is what this show is at the heart of it, and all that happens in between it. They’ve gone to hell and back with each other, and that type of relationship is very real and very relatable. I think that there’s still so much storytelling in that way.”

Sweet Magnolias Season 3
JoAnna Garcia Swisher as Maddie Townsend, Brooke Elliott as Dana Sue Sullivan, Heather Headley as Helen Decatur in episode 308 of ‘Sweet Magnolias’ / Photo Credit: Netflix

Will There Be a Sweet Magnolias Season 4? Release Date and Renewal Speculation

Sweet Magnolias Season 3 premiered on Netflix on July 20, 2023, with ten episodes, so has there been confirmation? There’s no word yet on a possible Sweet Magnolias Season 4. But it’s not unusual for Netflix to renew a show only after the latest season airs.

Season 1 was on Netflix for two months before the service renewed Sweet Magnolias for Season 2. The second season also took three months before Netflix renewed it for a third season. So, speculation leads us to believe a possible renewal or cancellation announcement may come by September or October.

One additional factor as to why the show’s potential renewal is up in the air is the ongoing SAG-AFTRA strikes. While the WGA strike has ended, the SAG-AFTRA strike continues to keep most productions halted.

So, it’s possible that renewal news might not come until after the strikes end. What does that mean for a potential release date for Sweet Magnolias Season 4? It’s unlikely that the series will return in 2024. Though, it’s possible, depending on filming, that we could see it premiere on Netflix as early as 2025 if renewed.


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