‘Twilight’ Filming Locations: A Love Letter to the Pacific Northwest

Twilight Filming Locations

The Twilight Saga, based on the book series by Stephenie Meyer, has etched its place in pop culture. Set in the small town of Forks, Washington, it tells the story of Bella Swan, who falls in love with Edward Cullen, a century-old vampire. 

While Forks is a real town in Washington, the Twilight movies did not film there. The movies were actually shot in parts of Oregon, southern Washington, and British Columbia. However, the actual town of Forks has embraced the Twilight craze and even put up its own Twilight-themed signs.

Planning a fan trip to the sites where the movies were filmed? Here are some of the filming locations of the Twilight movies. It’s good to keep in mind that some of these places are private property and some are also on tribal reserves.

Twilight Filming Locations

twilight filming locations - forks
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As said earlier, Twilight wasn’t actually filmed in Forks. The scenes of the town were filmed in Vernonia, Oregon. Two of the city’s main intersections were used as the establishing shots to represent Forks. The Wauna Federal Credit Union in Vernonia was used as the police station where Charlie Swan works.

In the actual town of Forks, however, the police station can be found at 500 E Division Street. It was rumored to have a display around the Twilight character at some point. Just keep in mind that this is an actual police station, though.

twilight filming locations - swan house
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The Swan House

The home where Bella and her father Charlie lived in the book is 184 S 86th Street, St. Helens, in Oregon. The Swan residence in St. Helens is an actual AirBnB so fans stopping by can spend a night there!

For those who are dropping by Forks, a house at 775 K Street would be where Charlie and Bella’s house would be if it were real. The owners have also put out a sign in front that says, “The Swan Home, being remodeled by Esme & Alice Cullen, built in 1905.”

A few blocks away from the Forks house is the Forks Community Hospital, where they even put up a special parking space for Dr. Carlisle Cullen.

twilight filming locations - cullen residence
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The Cullen Residence

The modern, fancy home that the Cullens stay in the movies is a private residence located at 3333 NW Quimby St. in Portland.

However, in the books, the Cullens all lived in a house similar to another bed and breakfast in Forks, which is a farmhouse with a porch. The actual BnB in Forks that resembles the Cullen residence even has the family name on the mailbox. Esme sometimes leaves notes on the whiteboard in the lobby. Fans dropping by can spend a night in the Miller Tree BnB house that Cullens would’ve lived in.

twilight filming locations - la push beach
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La Push Beach

In the movies, it’s called La Push Beach. But it’s actually called Cannon Beach and it’s a series of three beaches on Quileute reservation 25 minutes outside of Forks. To be exact, First Beach was only shown in the movies, as the place where the students of Forks go surfing. It’s also where Jacob first tells Bella about the Quileute legends involving the wolf origins and the “cold ones.”

This beach was also used to film the movies 1941, The Goonies, and Point Break.

After the first Twilight movie, the beach was recreated in British Columbia instead. Scenes in La Push beach were filmed at Incinerator Rock in Long Beach, Pacific Rim National Park in British Columbia for New Moon.

twilight filming locations - forks high school
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Forks High School

Possibly where everything began for Bella and Edward. The exterior shot of Forks High School was filmed at Kalama High School in Kalama, Washington. The interior scenes of Forks High School were filmed at Madison High School.

After the first Twilight film, the high school was recreated again in British Columbia. And Forks High School was recreated at the David Thompson Secondary School for New Moon. The graduation scenes in Eclipse were filmed at the Como Lake Middle School.

twilight filming locations - port angeles
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Port Angeles

Another Twilight filming location for fans of the books and the movies to check out is also located in St. Helens, Oregon. This is the place where Bella and her friends go shopping for prom dresses. The Petite Jolie store where Angela and Jessica pick out their dresses isn’t actually a dress shop either. It’s actually the Angel Hair Salon.

The Thunderbird and Whale bookstore where Bella goes to pick up her vampire research material isn’t a bookstore at all too. It’s actually a private office building. Behind it is the alleyway where Edward comes in to save Bella from her possible attackers. The Bloated Toad restaurant that Edward takes Bella to for dinner is actually a construction company.

Incidentally, this place is also near the Swan house. During the prom dress shopping scenes, eagle-eyed fans can spot the famous St. Helens town hall which was also used in another movie, Disney’s Halloweentown.

For Twilight fans visiting Forks, the restaurant in Port Angeles is Bella Italia. Make sure to book a reservation in advance as it gets booked out fast during peak season.

twilight filming locations - the carver cafe
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The Carver Cafe

In the book, the name of the restaurant where Bella and Charlie eat is called The Lodge. However, the movie used the actual name of the restaurant in Damascus, Oregon, and didn’t change the name.

According to the website, The Carver Cafe has always served as a restaurant since it opened in the 1950s. It was built by a husband and wife who lived in the house behind the cafe. The husband was injured in a logging accident which forced the family to find a new way to make a living. His wife also ran the cafe.

The Carver Cafe is open to this day and even has a cheeky advertisement, welcoming humans and vampires alike to “come get a bite.”

twilight filming locations - forks prom
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Forks Prom

In the final scenes in Twilight, the Forks Prom with the romantic gazebo was filmed at the View Point Inn in Corbett, Oregon. The inn has a view of the Columbia River Gorge, near another Twilight filming location fans will want to check out.

The View Point Inn has been around since 1924 and according to its website, was a world-class boutique hotel and fine dining restaurant. The Inn has also been the accommodation for Presidents, Hollywood stars, and European Royalty.

Unfortunately in 2011, a fire broke out that destroyed the second floor. Even though the inn is on the National Register of Historic Places, the lack of funding has prevented it from getting repaired or reopened to the public.

Twilight filming locations - baseball scene
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Baseball Scene

One of the most iconic scenes in Twilight is when the Cullens and Bella play baseball with a waterfall in the background. This scene was filmed at Multnomah Falls in the Columbia River Gorge in Oregon.


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