Samuel L. Jackson Prepares for Prison Drama ‘Last Meals’ Filming in Atlanta

Samuel L. Jackson

Samuel L. Jackson is gearing up for his next project, Last Meals. The film, set to begin production on November 28 in Atlanta, Georgia, is a death-row drama that is already garnering significant attention. Jackson stars alongside Yellowstone star Kelly Reilly and Boyd Holbrook in the flick, which also stars Oscar nominee David Strathairn and Theo Rossi.

A Michelin-starred Chef Turned Prison Cook: Samuel L. Jackson’s Role of Walter Karrat

Last Meals follows Walter Karrat (played by Jackson), a former Michelin-starred chef who once ruled the kitchens of the White House. Fast forward twenty years, and he’s cooking meals for inmates at a federal correctional institution. Despite his dramatic fall from grace, Walter’s passion for food remains undiminished. His world is further disrupted when death-row inmate Jeffrey Reed, portrayed by Holbrook, refuses to eat his meals.

Jeffrey, who maintains his innocence, has embarked on a hunger strike in a desperate bid to draw attention to his situation. As Walter seeks to understand Jeffrey’s refusal to eat, he uncovers the inmate’s story and feels compelled to help. In doing so, he becomes an unlikely focus of a media frenzy, a shift that takes him out of his self-imposed shell and transforms him into a political warrior.

The script adds another layer of complexity by introducing local food critic Hannah Corddry, played by Kelly Reilly. Hannah helps bring Jeffrey’s story to a broader audience, propelling Walter into the limelight. However, as Walter takes up the fight against the vested interests intent on sending Jeffrey to the death chamber without due process, he risks his reputation and his freedom.

The Team Behind Last Meals

Last Meals promises to be a powerful examination of the American justice system, the politics of death row, and the human stories caught in its web. With Samuel L. Jackson and Boyd Holbrook at the helm and supported by a strong ensemble cast, it’s not hard to understand the early hype around the project.

The movie is adapted from Justin Piasecki’s screenplay “Death of an Ortolan,” which won the 2016 Nicholls Fellowship. Piasecki also penned Relay, featuring Riz Ahmed and Lily James, and Stakehorse, which Amazon recently acquired after a competitive bidding process.

Tony-winner Kenny Leon has also signed on to direct the project, with Renée Tab and Christopher Tuffin of Sentient Entertainment producing. Morgan Freeman, Gary Lucchesi, and Lori McCreary are also on board as producers.

Last Meals had secured a SAG-AFTRA interim agreement for the project. However, with the strike ending on November 9, they would have been in the clear regardless to begin production on November 28. And according to IMDB Pro, production is expected to wrap before the end of the year in Atlanta, Georgia. No release date has been announced yet.


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