New Fandom-Based Talk Show ‘Beverages with Bevin’ Debuts on Tubi

Beverages with Bevin

Toast and Boast with me as the premiere of Beverages with Bevin finally goes live on Tubi. Created for both the casual gamer and the ultimate geek, the show pairs its guests with their drink of choice, inspiring more of an informal fireside chat over a red-carpet interview. It’s my love letter to the fandom community that is currently going through a rough patch.

Due to actual strikes, it’s striking that there are as many guests as there are in this season: 52 of them to be exact, including The Nacelle Company’s CEO Brian Volk-Weiss, Comic legends Chris Claremont and Jeph Loeb, Funko’s Dave Bere, Mondo’s Peter Santa-Maria and Hector Arce, Popular YouTube hosts Gregory Alba of Reel Rejects and Ryan Arey of ScreenCrush, Lucasfilm Illustrator Joe Corroney, Loungefly’s Derrick Baca and Liz Desilva, Ultraman’s Jeff Gomez, Gfuel’s Jennifer Uchin, Marvel host Angélique Roché and Langston Belton plus esteemed writers in the community such as Paul Jenkins, Sam Maggs, Delilah S. Dawson, Heather Antos, Ozark’s Kevin L. Johnson, Chasing Chasing Amy Director Sav Rodgers, and of course good ole Ming Chen.

For years, I would grab a beverage with people once the cameras stopped rolling in the press rooms and noted how candid they became when you slid a drink in front of them. It’s very entertaining. So this show is about highlighting the person over the product they represent at the cons. I simply ask guests to meet for a drink, and cameras happen to be rolling while we chat.

My favorite thing about Tubi is that it is an entirely free platform. Viewers don’t even need to subscribe to watch the content. Now, I do recommend you do, as it’s the only way to save your place should you leave the channel, but it’s not required. Their ad placements are much more digestible than YouTube; they seem to have upped the number of ads per video, frequently breaking during a person’s mid-thoughts, which is very annoying. 

The Team and Sponsors Behind Beverages with Bevin

Beverages with Bevin takes a village to get off the ground. I’m only one of three executive producers, the other two being Krystofer Maison and Chris Rogus. Web3 platform Entertainmint is the show’s distributor with Tubi. And the show’s sponsors include Voodoo Ranger and What’s Your Passion Jewelry.

Voodoo Ranger may be hop-forward and occasionally hazy for an IPA, but they were a popular choice at Comic-Con International. They also hosted us on their 18th Century Pirate Ship Activation in San Diego. Many pirate puns commenced there. Another proud sponsor of our show is What’s Your Passion Jewelry, whose fandom fashion brand capitalizes on the chic in Geek Chic. They offer collectible pins, ornaments, challenge coins, and jewelry for pop culture and comic fandoms. I wore original Viking-inspired pieces from the founder’s new collection, Avitals Amory. 

I feel very blessed and thankful to have everyone involved who participated both in front and behind the camera. They really are extraordinary, and I can’t wait for you to get to know the guests I chatted with. 

Visit to learn more and watch the show on Tubi now.


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