‘Found’ Season 2: Release Date Speculation, Cast, News, and More

Found Season 2

After a successful first season, Found Season 2 is already in the works! The renewal comes as no surprise, given how Found is one of the most loved programs on NBC. Since its premiere on October 3, 2023, the series has been celebrated for having the best launch of an NBC series on Peacock, averaging 7.4M viewers per episode after seven days of cross-platform viewing.

So numbers aside, what do we know so far about Found Season 2? Production on the new season is gearing up in Atlanta! Dive in below.  (Spoilers ahead for Season 1.)

Found Returns for Season 2

Found was renewed for Season 2 in November 2023, before the end of the first season, which ended on January 9, 2024. 

For those who haven’t watched the series yet, Found centers on Gabi Mosely, a public relations specialist who was a victim of kidnapping. Haunted by her past, Mosely and her crisis management team use unorthodox methods to find the forgotten people whom the system has overlooked. 

Since her kidnapping, Gabi has since then dedicated her career to working in crisis management to ensure these people are never forgotten. Her team is made up of former kidnapping victims or those whose loved ones experienced similar traumas. However, things get complicated when Gabi is hiding a secret in the form of her own kidnapper, whom she herself has kidnapped. Gabi uses his knowledge to help solve cases.

“These shows are a testament to the incredibly passionate work of our showrunners Nkechi Okoro Carroll and Arika Lisanne Mittman, both of whom have executed their visions flawlessly,” said NBCUniversal Entertainment Scripted Content President Lisa Katz, according to Deadline. Katz was also referring to The Irrational, which was renewed for another season at the same time.

“A huge thank you to the talented cast, producers, and crews for their tireless commitment and dedication, which has clearly paid off with audiences making these series must-see television on both NBC and next day on Peacock,” said Katz.

The series was created by Nkechi Okoro Carroll, who also serves as the showrunner and executive producer.

Aside from Carroll, Sonay Hoffman, Greg Berlanti, Sarah Schechter, Leigh London Redman, and Lindsay Dunn are Found’s executive producers. DeMane Davis also served as an executive producer and directed the show’s first two episodes.

Who Will Join/ Return to the Cast for Season 2?

For Found Season 2, we can expect most of the cast in the first season to return. This includes Shanola Hampton as the show’s star Gabi Mosley. Also expected to return are Kelli Williams as Margaret Reed, Gabrielle Walsh as Lacey Quinn, Arlen Escarpeta as Zeke Wallace, and Karan Oberoi as Dhan Rana.

Brett Dalton is also expected to return as Detective Mark Trent, and Mark-Paul Gosselaar as Gabi’s original kidnapper, Hugh “Sir” Evans.

A’Zaria Carter may also return as Teen Gabi in flashback scenes. No word yet on who else is returning or joining the show in the coming season.

What Happened in Season 1?

The official synopsis for Found reads:

“In a riveting new drama, brilliant recovery specialist Gabi Mosely and her team are dedicated to finding America’s missing and forgotten people. They’ll stop at nothing to solve these cases because, for them, it’s personal – every member of the team has firsthand experience with a mysterious disappearance.”

By the end of the first season, Sir escaped from captivity, keen on exacting revenge on Gabi. Sir also made it clear that he plans to kill Lacey with the intention of getting back at Gabi. Meanwhile, Gabi was also forced to reveal her controversial past to her team in order to get their help.

In an interview with Deadline, the show’s creator and showrunner, Nkechi Okoro Carroll, revealed that it was meant to end on a cliffhanger. Carroll also revealed that the team’s reactions to Gabi’s revelation were a sign of whether she had told them everything.

“Given the visceral reactions that they all have and the effect it has on Gabi once they’ve all left and left her alone…in her grief, she’s told them more than enough to make them walk away from her like that. It’s been the message of the whole season. There’s very little of each other that they couldn’t forgive. There’s no judgment on how we all cope with our trauma,” said Carroll.

“There’s no judgment on anyone’s pace of healing. So for them to react the way they reacted in that final moment, it would have to be their worst nightmare come true,” said Carroll.

What Storylines Can We Expect in Season 2?

What will Found Season 2 be about? It’s yet to be confirmed. However, fans can assume that Sir’s plan to exact revenge will continue. Gabi and the team may also have an interpersonal fallout because of her revelation.

The consequences of Gabi’s actions may be felt in the upcoming season. Other than that, fans can expect the team to continue rescuing other kidnapped individuals for Season 2.

Davis also revealed that there will be more episodes in Found Season 2 compared to its first. The upcoming installment will be 22 episodes long, nine more than its original 13-episode count.

In the same interview with Deadline, Carroll revealed what might happen in Season 2 after Sir is found in Lacey’s house. Meanwhile, Gabi discovers that the rat poison is missing.

“He might have tampered with people’s food when Season 2 premieres,” said Caroll. “What we’re supposed to take away from that is that the cat-and-mouse game that has existed between Sir and Gabi since the day they met, whether they knew she was playing it or not, is going to continue to exist. They’re just in a bigger playground now, which makes it more dangerous.”

Carroll also revealed that Found Season 2 will look into the other characters’ backstories.

“Absolutely. That’s the beauty of these characters and the actors we have playing the characters. They’re all onions that are slowly but surely being peeled back layer by layer. And each season is more of those layers. So we will absolutely see more of that in Season 2,” said Carroll.

Found Season 2
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Found Season 2 Release Date Speculation & News

It’s unclear when Found Season 2 will premiere. The show’s last two episodes for its first season aired in January 2024, following a brief break from December’s episodes.

However, the show is expected to start production in Atlanta, Georgia, in the summer of 2024. So fans can likely look forward to a late 2024 release or an early 2025 premiere for Found Season 2.

Season 2 will naturally air on NBC every week. Each episode will be available to watch the day after its broadcast date on the network on Peacock. But for now, fans can rewatch the entire first season on NBC’s streaming platform, Peacock.


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