From Soviet Shadows to Galactic Battles: S.G. Blaise on Creating ‘The Last Lumenian’

The Last Lumenian

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Through an incredible story that spans continents and galaxies, S.G. Blaise takes readers through the majestic realms of imagination and the stark realities of historical oppression.

Born amidst the remnants of a fallen dictatorship in Hungary, Blaise’s journey from witnessing Soviet rule to writing The Last Lumenian series is a testament to the enduring power of storytelling. Her early experiences, flavored by the Hollywood movies smuggled by her daring father, not only offered a window to unexplored worlds but also ignited a fierce desire to weave her own narratives.

Today, Blaise, an award-winning author, resides in sunny California, far from the oppressive shadows of her childhood. Yet, the memory of those days and the subsequent adventures across the Atlantic for love, deeply inform her writing.

The Last Lumenian series, celebrated for its intricate world-building and compelling storytelling, features Lilla, a young woman shaping her own destiny as she battles outdated traditions. Forget the damsel in distress trope, Lilla is the heroine her world so desperately needs.

I had the chance to chat with Blaise, and she shared with her creative process, the blending of science fiction with fantasy, and the importance of strong female characters like Lilla in today’s literature. Furthermore, Blaise delves into how her multicultural experiences have shaped her narrative voice and her aspirations for her readers to find resilience, hope, and perhaps even a bit of rebellion, within her work.

Check out the full interview below.

S.G. Blaise
S.G. Blaise

Growing up in Hungary under Soviet oppression, how did the forbidden Hollywood movies smuggled in by your father influence your desire to become a storyteller?

My childhood growing up in Hungary, experiencing the second half of Soviet oppression, and watching largely forbidden Hollywood movies smuggled in by my father had an immense influence on my desire to become a storyteller.

In his own way, my dad defied Soviet oppression, risking his life for his children to experience their inherent magic. He translated the dialogue and used his own voice to dub the movies so we could watch them every weekend. This experience with my father and seeing the magic of Hollywood movies influenced my desire to become a storyteller.

Unfortunately, all childhood fun ended when I was 13 years old and lost my dad to brain cancer. I found some solace in reading and later in writing fantasy stories, a genre my dad loved as well. Getting to experience the magic of Sci-Fi Fantasy at a young age, the way I did, has had a lasting effect on my life and left me with a love for Sci-Fi Fantasy. It opened my mind up to the endless possibilities that these genres offer. I hope to bring that type of love for the genre to others through my work.

Can you share how your journey from witnessing real-life rebellions to moving across the Atlantic for love has influenced the narratives or characters in The Last Lumenian series?

My journey from witnessing real-life rebellions to moving across the Atlantic for love has influenced the narratives and characters in The Last Lumenian series in many ways. Witnessing real-life rebellions made me want to explore what it would be like for your characters to experience in a galactic setting.

My experience traveling across the Atlantic for love inspired me to show case love goes beyond distance. In a way, I wanted to create love stories that transcend distance and space to show what true love could be like.

The Last Lumenian involves a young woman discovering her magic and heritage amidst an impending galactic war. What inspired the creation of Lilla and her story?

I was inspired to create Lilla to be a role model for female empowerment. She is a complex character at the cusp of being an adult but still under pressure from many directions – family, duty, and even fate. I dedicated countless days to molding her character, from her stubbornness to her humor and ultimately to her loyalty.

My intention was to craft a courageous hero who confronts claustrophobia-triggered panic attacks and conquers various obstacles, both internal and external, during her path of self-exploration. Despite her reluctance, she is a realistic hero who displays vulnerability in her mental health struggles and a determination to fight for her beliefs. Lilla teaches us we don’t have to be perfect to be a hero.

Lilla from The Last Lumenian

The intertwining of science fiction and fantasy is a hallmark of The Last Lumenian. What draws you to blend these genres, and how do you balance their elements in your writing?

I balance science fiction and fantasy by incorporating more genres into the mix. I find it gives the story a deeper meaning and gets readers to really think about the world they are exploring. For me, Science Fiction is inseparable from Fantasy and always has been. Magic seeps into my stories, no matter what. Same with a bit of romance and humor. I never know where my imagination will take me!

In the Seven Galaxies, magic is a normal occurrence that people encounter. It only seemed natural to combine it with technology, as many worlds have advanced to space travel as well. Of course, having such developed technology comes with responsibilities and a price that many worlds, including Lilla’s homeworld Uhna, will learn the hard way.

Adding Science Fiction to the Fantasy genre also allowed me to explore society more closely. How did they progress in other aspects of life outside technology? How are they treating each other? These are the questions that readers can find the answers to in my books.

The Last Lumenian has been recognized for its epic storytelling and immersive world-building. Can you discuss your process for creating the Seven Galaxies and the societies within them?

The process behind the world-building for creating worlds in the Seven Galaxies and the societies within them is by answering 500 questions from the author, Patricia Wrede. She created an incredible questionnaire to assist Sci-Fi Fantasy writers when creating worlds. It helps open an author’s mind to all the potentials that arise when creating a world and the infrastructure needed to support it fully. Each book, I answer her questions to build the foundation of the world my characters are in and create my own world-building guide. It helps tremendously with the process.

Whenever I start creating a new world, I always look for reference photos to inspire my imagination and refer to them frequently while writing. It is such a thrilling experience and gets me more excited to share stories from the Seven Galaxies.

With your portrayal of Lilla, how do you approach writing strong, female characters, and why do you think they are important in today’s literature and media?

The way I approached writing strong, female characters, like Lilla, is through creating powerful heroes who have the potential to be even stronger, but must overcome obstacles both inner and outer that hold her back from achieving her true potential.

In today’s world, it’s essential to depict flawed characters who understand that making mistakes is a necessary part of personal development. I feel it’s important to have this represented in books because it shows readers that they themselves have the potential to be a hero in their story.

Lilac Grove Entertainment, your publisher, focuses on providing a multi-channel experience that extends beyond books. How has this approach influenced the way you write and think about your stories?

The Lilac Grove approach creates an environment that allows for imagination to flourish and experiment with every type of media, whether that be books, comic books, games, etc. This has motivated me to aim for expansive world-building that surpasses the constraints of time and place, presenting endless possibilities for storytelling.

The theme of rebellion against oppression is prominent in your background and in The Last Lumenian. How do you hope your work will inspire or impact your readers?

I hope to inspire my readers to create a community that allows them to face any hardship. When politics resort to alienation and fear mongering, the best defense is building resilient communities and questioning their propaganda. Reading is the ultimate weapon against ignorance, making knowledge powerful.

Arrov from The Last Lumenian
Arrov from The Last Lumenian

The Last Lumenian incorporates themes of magic, identity, and war. What message or feelings do you hope to leave with your readers through these themes?

Through the themes of magic, identity, and war, I hope readers leave with the messaging that you don’t have to be perfect to be a hero. We live in a time where there is little to no room for finding yourself through mistakes. It becomes clear how alike we are when we observe a hero facing challenges with magic and their identity. I hope this will encourage readers to show more kindness to themselves and others.

Your life journey has taken you from Hungary to sunny California. How has living in such diverse cultures influenced your perspective as a writer?

My life journey influenced me on many levels, not just as a writer. First, I had to be open to learning a new language. Then, I had to learn how to write novels. Just when I thought I was done by publishing my book, I had to learn how to be more outgoing and confident. It taught me the value of a growth mindset and the necessity of pushing beyond your comfort zone. These experiences, although difficult at times, have provided me with valuable lessons on continuing to work on personal growth and improving my writing skills.

As an award-winning author, what advice would you give to aspiring writers who want to create their own fantasy or science fiction worlds?

As an award-winning author, I would offer the following advice: Be patient and keep an open mind. Writers must be patient and give themselves the necessary time to develop their craft, novel, and author voice. It’s a constant journey, not a destination.

For me, not knowing when the book would be ready to get published added a level of uncertainty that was difficult to accept. Once I decided to fully embrace the journey and find pleasure, my mindset shifted from dwelling on the unknown to valuing and celebrating all the small achievements that occurred along the way. By maintaining an open mind, you can learn more from others and explore other styles, and remember “compare and despair.”

Last, be patient at your own pace and learn from others’ mistakes, but do not compare your journey to others.

Callum from The Last Lumenian
Callum from The Last Lumenian

What can fans expect from future installments in the series?

Fans can expect from future installments in the series more diverse characters and even more vivid and rich world building. With each book, readers will encounter more adventure, see their favorite characters grow, and discover even more secrets of the Seven Galaxies. There is so much more waiting to be explored and I can’t wait to share it with the readers.

Finally, when you’re not writing or annoying family members, as you’ve humorously noted in your bio, what other activities or hobbies do you enjoy that helps recharge your creative energy?

I love exploring creative outlets like building miniature doll houses, Lego, diamond painting bookmarks and notebooks, making greeting cards, playing video games, watching tv shows and movies, and of course, reading as many books as I can get my hands on.

I also love spending time with my two little dogs, Zeus and Apollo, dabbling in cooking and baking, trying my hands at amateur weight lifting and JKD.

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