FanBolt’s 2023 Holiday Gift Guide for Geeks!

FanBolt 2023 Holiday Gift Guide

Whether it’s Harry Potter, Disney, Marvel, or getting nostalgic with Buffy the Vampire Slayer, we’ve got the perfect fandom gifts for the geeks in your life covered with FanBolt’s 2023 Holiday Gift Guide!

Check out our holiday recommendations below. We’ve even brought back a few of our favorites from last year! And share with us what items are on your holiday list in our comment section below!

FanBolt’s 2023 Geeky Holiday Gift Guide

For The Buffy Fan (Who Loves Tarot)

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Tarot Deck and Guidebook

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Tarot Deck and Guidebook

Unleashing your inner slayer has never been as fun as it is with the Buffy the Vampire Slayer Tarot Deck and Guidebook. Published by Insight Editions, this tarot deck is a must-have for any Buffy fan who geeks out over tarot.

This set gives the Buffy fan in your life a chance to explore their destiny alongside their favorite characters—Buffy, Willow, Xander, Spike, and more—each captured in original artwork based on classic tarot iconography. What makes this set truly special is its never-before-seen Buffy-themed art, offering a fresh experience of the Buffyverse.

The accompanying guidebook ensures that tarot practitioners of all skill levels can enjoy and understand the deck. It provides clear explanations of each card’s meaning, enabling enlightening and entertaining readings. The set comes encased in a sturdy, well-designed gift box, and it’s also the perfect size for a stocking stuffer.

As the only officially licensed Buffy tarot deck and guidebook, it’s a unique tribute to an iconic series that’s celebrating its 25th anniversary. Make your friend’s day magical by gifting them this extraordinary tarot set. It’s more than just a gift—it’s an invitation into the mystical world of Sunnydale and a celebration of the series they love.

For the Video Game Fan (Who Loves to Cook)

Minecraft Cookbook

Minecraft: Gather, Cook, Eat! Official Cookbook

This is the first official Minecraft cookbook that brings the beloved game right into your kitchen! The book is packed with iconic dishes and recipes inspired by the limitless world of Minecraft, allowing fans to recreate meals from their favorite biomes and mobs.

From quick Baked Potato Bites for those tense creeper stand-offs to a celebratory Buried Treasure Pie, there’s a recipe to suit every occasion and appetite. What sets this cookbook apart is its inclusivity. With a variety of vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options available, there’s something for everyone, regardless of dietary restrictions or preferences (which is surprisingly rare to find in cookbooks).

The step-by-step directions, accompanied by beautiful photos, make these recipes accessible to Minecrafters of all ages and skill levels, ensuring a fun and successful cooking experience!

(Grab a sneak peek at one of the recipes here: Torch Shooters)

For the Harry Potter Fan (Who Loves a Good Coffee Table Book or Hogwarts Legacy)

Hogwards Legacy

The Art and Making of Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwards Legacy took the gaming world by storm earlier this year (We especially know because our Harry Potter name generator got flooded with traffic the day the game was released!).

This behind-the-scenes journey through the development of this epic wizarding world video game is nothing short of stunning. It makes for an ideal gift for any Harry Potter fan (especially Hogwarts Legacy enthusiasts) who is also an art lover or just a lover of great coffee table books. This beautifully illustrated volume takes readers on an enchanting exploration of the open-world action RPG set in the beloved universe of Harry Potter. It offers exclusive insights into the creative process, featuring interviews with the development team, concept sketches, renders, and illustrations that reveal the evolution of this unique interpretation of a much-loved world. Never-before-seen concept art brings to life the wizarding world locations, from Hogwarts to Hogsmeade to Gringotts, while exclusive interviews shed light on the intricate process of crafting this exciting chapter in the history of the wizarding world.

Discover fun facts and gain a newfound appreciation for the game-making process. As the perfect companion to the game, this collectible volume will enchant gamers and wizarding world fans alike, making it a truly magical gift!

For the Peak Blinders Fan

Peaky Blinders

Peaky Blinders: The Official Visual Companion

This companion book is the ultimate gift for any Peaky Blinders fan. This stunning slipcase book serves as an official visual guide to the wildly popular British series. And it even features specially commissioned photographs that truly capture the show’s magic!

The series may have ended. But this book takes you straight back into the heart of Small Heath’s backstreets, Charlie Strong’s Yard, the Garrison, Arrow House, the House of Commons, and even the beaches of Margate. It offers a behind-the-scenes look at the locations, sets, props, and events that have shaped the series over six thrilling seasons. 

From the gritty streets of Birmingham to the hallowed halls of political power, it’s an immersive journey into the world of the Shelby family. And it’s not hard to geek out over that!

For the Disney Fan (Who Loves to Cook)

Disney Cookbook

Disney: Cooking With Magic: A Century of Recipes:

It’s no secret we love our nerdy cookbooks around here, and this latest one from Insight Editions is no exception! Disney: Cooking With Magic: A Century of Recipes is the ultimate culinary companion for Disney enthusiasts who have a flair for cooking.

This comprehensive cookbook celebrates the classic Disney animated films from 1937 to the present day. It includes timeless favorites like Fantasia, Mulan, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, and even more recent titles like Encanto. The book offers over 80 enticing recipes broken into chapters spanning all the decades of Disney. There are also various vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options. And, it marks which recipes are easily made gluten-free and vegan with alternate ingredients. So, there’s something for everyone, regardless of dietary restrictions or preferences.

From magical main courses to delightful desserts, it’s designed for home cooks of all skill levels. It features easy-to-follow instructions, everyday ingredients, and helpful cooking tips.

Adding to its charm, the book takes you on a global culinary journey! There are recipes originating from Europe, the Middle East, and beyond, all inspired by the diverse world of Disney. It truly brings a dash of Disney magic into every kitchen!

For the Makeup Fan (Who Loves Glitter)

Winky Lux Aurora Balm

Winky Lux Aurora Balm

This is the perfect stocking stuffer! I’ve been a big fan of Winky Lux for a few years now, and it makes the perfect gift!

This unique vegan pH lip balm is set to transform your lips with a personalized shade of mauve. And even comes with a subtle shimmer that will add an extra sparkle to your smile. Packed with ultra-hydrating ceramides, the Aurora Balm moisturizes and nourishes your lips while delivering a flattering color. Apply it to bare lips and watch the magic happen as it transforms into a shade of mauve tailored just for you! (Check out the “See it In Action” videos on the website to see the transformation!)

It makes for an excellent gift for any occasion! And it will delight any makeup fan who loves a touch of glitter.

For the Geeky Web Developer

Web Dev Shirts

DevHero Apparel

Being a web developer by trade and a movie geek at heart, DevHero’s apparel line has had me geeking out over it since I first discovered the brand. They offer an array of products, from t-shirts and cropped tops to hats and hoodies, all inspired by iconic superheroes but with a distinctive web developer twist.

It’s hard to pick a favorite (as I have my eye on a few more I need to order). But for me personally, I absolutely adore DevHero’s Autonomous Pink Crop Hoodie. It’s one of my most comfortable tops, and I love making it known that I’m making my mark in a male-dominated industry. 

For the Emily in Paris Fan (Who Appreciates Cocktails)

Emily in Paris: The Official Cookbook

Emily in Paris: The Official Cookbook

Emily in Paris is one of my favorite guilty pleasures (I am dying for Season 4 over here! Thankfully, the series is going back into production in January 2024). However, until Season 4 premieres, fans are going to be in a bit of a dry spell. The good news is there’s a way to continue to geek out over the show – by diving into this  book of food and cocktails inspired by the series!

In total, this beautifully designed cookbook contains more than 75 recipes inspired by the show. From dishes like Gabriel’s Omelette and Pierre’s Cracked Crème Brûlées, to classic French fares such as Ratatouille and Pain au Chocolat, to American ex-pat favorites including Quiche au Ciment (AKA Chicago Deep-Dish Pizza) and bacon-topped Cheeseburgers, there’s literally something for everyone.

Curious for a sneak peek? Join me as I test out the French Connection cocktail here

For the Game Of Thrones Fan (Who Loves to Run)

Game of Thrones Conqueror Challenges

Game of Thrones Conqueror Challenges Bundle

This bundle is a great gift idea for the Game of Thrones fan in your life who is always on the go! Conqueror Challenges offer a unique blend of entertainment and fitness, allowing fans to immerse themselves in the epic world of GOT while staying active.

The bundle includes entries to five exciting challenges, each one represented by a stunning medal that is sent out at the completion of the challenge. Whether it’s running, walking, or biking, these challenges can be completed at any pace, making them suitable for all fitness levels.

As you conquer each challenge, you’ll receive 59 virtual postcards and discover 36 local spots, providing intriguing insights into the rich lore of Game of Thrones. The bundle also includes a complete set of 25 virtual collectible cards, perfect for any die-hard fan.

What makes this gift even more special is its environmental aspect. With every purchase, you have the option to plant 25 real trees or prevent 250 plastic bottles from polluting our oceans, making it a gift that gives back to the planet. 

I’ve personally done nine Conqueror Challenges so far, and I’m on my second to last Game of Thrones one. I signed up for the bundle along with my friend, who is also a massive Game of Thrones fan. So it’s been extra cool geeking out over the experience with one of my best friends!

Not a GOT fan? They’ve also got a beautiful bundle for Lord of the Rings!

For the Jane Austen Fan

Persuasion: The Complete Novel, Featuring the Characters' Letters and Papers, Written and Folded by Hand

Persuasion: The Complete Novel, Featuring the Characters’ Letters and Papers, Written and Folded by Hand

In 2021, we highlighted the Pride and Prejudice version, and last year, the Persuasion edition was released – and we love it so much it’s still on our list in 2023! It’s such a unique present for the Janite (massive Jane Austen fan) in your life. While many Austen fans probably already own a copy of Persuasion, this edition, designed and curated by Barbara Heller—a set decorator for film and TV and an award-winning short film writer and director—is truly incomparable.

Persuasion is one of Jane Austen’s most mesmerizing stories. It is a tale of second chances and lasting love. Captain Wentworth’s letter to Anne Elliot is crucial. It is an unforgettable literary confession. The narrative is filled with a number of treasures, including letters, newspapers, and maps. They unveil the characters’ deepest desires, and they also steer their futures.

This deluxe edition brings all of this and more to life. As you read the novel, you’ll find pockets containing thirteen replicas of items from the story, meticulously reimagined with exquisite calligraphy and an acute sense of historical accuracy. For those who cherish Jane Austen’s work or the art of letter writing, this book deepens the experience of a favorite story in an entirely new way!

For Sci-Fi Nerd (Who Is Also a Designer)

Movie Palette

Movie Palette

Movie Palette is a company that creates colorful paintings from your favorite films. But these aren’t just any paintings. Each one consists of stripes of colors, and every stripe represents a color of a particular scene in the movie. Furthermore, each stripe is put in chronological order to complete the Movie Palette of the whole film. It’s such a unique and cool gift to give the movie nerd in your life – and thanks to their vast selection of films, you’ll have no problem finding paintings of your favorite films!

As someone with a background in design and a deep appreciation for art and cinema, discovering Movie Palette felt like striking gold. It’s an incredible gift idea for movie enthusiasts and even more special for those who enjoy design—they’ll surely appreciate the thought and creativity behind each piece.

So, what exactly are you seeing in these palettes? Take, for example, the Movie Palette for the film Dune (2021). What you see is a captivating array of colors extracted from every scene in the movie. When combined, these colors create a visually stunning masterpiece that beautifully captures the film’s spirit and ambiance.

For the Cobra Kai Fan (Who Loves Behind-The-Scenes Looks)

The Kick-A** Book of Cobra Kai: An Official Behind-the-Scenes Companion

The Kick-A** Book of Cobra Kai: An Official Behind-the-Scenes Companion

Calling all Cobra Kai enthusiasts! This book is the ultimate tribute, a must-own companion to the hit show, serving as your expert sensei guiding you through the karate-infused landscape of San Fernando Valley.

Unseen photographs and illustrations, complemented by exclusive interviews, bring to life the enduring legacy of The Karate Kid and Cobra Kai. Hear directly from Ralph Macchio (Daniel LaRusso), William Zabka (Johnny Lawrence), Martin Kove (John Kreese), Xolo Maridueña (Miguel Diaz), and Mary Mouser (Samantha LaRusso). This book is not just a guide—it’s a celebration of a fandom that continues to inspire and entertain.

And that’s it for our 2023 gift guide! What is on your holiday wish list this year? Share your lists with us in our comment section below!

Happy Holidays!

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