Hilton Avoids Injury in Car Accident

PARIS HILTON narrowly escaped injury on Saturday (27Oct07) when a photographer’s car sideswiped her Cadillac Escalade as she was exiting the vehicle.

The Simple Life star’s chauffeur had parked behind Beverly Hills boutique Kitson when an over-enthusiastic paparazzi pulled up to take some pictures – and accidentally left his Mercedes-Benz in reverse.

Nobody was hurt in the incident, although a minder sitting in the front passenger seat of the socialite’s car complained of neck pain, and Hilton and the photographer exchanged phone numbers for insurance purposes.

Hilton’s driver tells website TMZ.com, “The car is backing up into me, in reverse, as my client is getting out of the car.

“Basically it was either me risking hurting my client (by moving the vehicle), which I wasn’t willing to do, of course, or taking the hit. So we took the hit.”



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