Paris Hilton’s Birthday Cake Snatcher Incriminates HImself

Though Paris Hilton had not one, but two custom made birthday cakes during the first of her multiple 30th birthday bashes this past Tuesday, one thief thought one of the cakes would be better appreciated elsewhere!

Paz, an uninvited guest who snuck in with his friend to the LA-based Moulin Rouge-themed bash, may have gotten away with taking one of the two pricey custom cakes make especially for Hilton’s birthday bash [due to the hundreds of attendees at the party]. However, what’s the fun of anything these days if you can’t tell the world over social networking, right?!

The party crasher/thief wrote a detailed post on Facebook, (complete with photos) of how he stole the cake after a waiter told him they’d probably toss it!

“I hated the idea of something so awesome and expensive going to waste,” Paz, who happens to be an accomplished rapper and musician, reveals.

Lucid, however, the company that provided the liquor-infused confection throughout the cake, released a self-promotional statement.

“It is very unfortunate that someone stole the cake from Paris’ birthday party,” the company said. “We had the cake designed especially for her with Lucid in the batter and a beautiful representation of Lucid’s artwork on it, which she requested to meet the Moulin Rouge theme of her party. We only wish that guests could have tried her delicious cake.”

The cake didn’t go to total waste though, as Paz dropped it off somewhere he thought it would be “better appreciated”. “I’m bringing it a homeless shelter on Skid Row. There are too many people in this city who don’t get to eat. They should get to enjoy something awesome,” he says.

Paris or her reps have yet to comment, but a source close to the star said this: “She thinks it’s so pathetic that someone feels the need to get attention like that.”

Should Paris press charges? Or considering where the cake was taken [instead of being sold or auctioned off], should she just let this one go?


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