A New ‘Thundercats’ Cartoon Series

According to a release from Warner Bros, ‘ThunderCats’ is getting a new series, airing on Cartoon Network in 2011.

Sam Register of Warner Bros. Animation made the following statement, “In addition to being Warner Bros. Animation’s first anime series, ThunderCats marks our most ambitious foray yet into fantasy. The realism and dynamic visual style we’ve achieved are sure to thrill viewers, and the cool weapons, vehicles and technology should help the show appeal to a diverse audience.”

The story will once again revolve around Lion-O and bills itself as a “sweeping tale combining swords and science and boasting ferocious battles with the highest of stakes.” The rest of the statement says, “As the forces of good and evil battle each other in the quest for the fabled Stones of Power, Lion-O and his champions learn valuable lessons of loyalty, honor and mortality in every episode.”


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