Hilton’s Love Letters To Go Public

PARIS HILTON’s teenage crush is threatening to go public with love letters the
socialite wrote to him a decade ago.

James McCauley claims he spent time with Hilton at the Provo Canyon School in
Orem, Utah in 1998 and states the heiress was madly in love with him and wrote
him intimate letters.

McCauley, now 25, has offered the letters to American magazine Life & Style,
saying, “I was stoked because she was attracted to me.”

In the letters, Hilton wrote that boys had no respect for her and that she
needed therapy to overcome a series of childhood demons.

McCauley adds, “She reached out to me and asked my advice on how to cope with
being in such a regimented place. There was a lot of attraction. We both felt
it… She thought I was cute.”



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  1. one6ylady wrote: Isn’t it a shame how everyone is out to make a little money off everyone else. The letters will probably do nothing but make people go “ooohhh that’s so sweet” and he makes a ton of money for sharing something personal. If I were famous things like this would certainly DISCOURAGE me from ever writing a poem or a love letter to anyone I was seeing.