Rhys Meyers Arrested For Airport Rant

Irish actor JONATHAN RHYS MEYERS has been arrested by police after a drunken
clash with airport staff.

The star is reported to have launched into an angry tirade at Dublin airport on Sunday (18Nov07) after being told he was “unfit to travel”.

He was then charged and spent the night in the cells.

The incident took place as the handsome 30-year-old – who entered rehab
citing alcohol as the problem earlier this year (April07) – tried to check in
for a flight back to London, where he is now based, after appearing on an Irish
chat show hours earlier.

According to British newspaper The Sun, witnesses saw the star being verbally
abusive to a female airport worker, and repeatedly insisting: “I will get on
this flight, no matter what.”

A police spokesman said he was due to face two public order charges in court
in Dublin on Monday (19Nov07). His agent was unavailable for comment.



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