Christensen Almost Smacked By McEnroe

HAYDEN CHRISTENSEN once hit the headlines when an angry JOHN McENROE almost
smacked him in the face with a tennis racquet.

Star Wars star Christensen was a keen tennis player as a child, and used to
work as a ball boy during championship matches.

And during one match, the volatile McEnroe – famous for frequently losing his
temper on court – nearly swiped the young Christensen’s head off.

The actor recalls, “He came close to hitting me with his tennis racquet, but
it was all a big accident.

“I was one of those ball boys at the net that run across and grab the ball
after it’s smacked into the net. I had good reflexes so as soon as a ball went
into the net I was there two seconds later.

“And John McEnroe was wanting to take out his aggression on the ball still
and didn’t see me coming. He pulled (his racquet away) inches from my head.

“That was my first time on TV, that made the news.”



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  1. Joanne (OCallyFaN80) wrote: Awww!!! My poor Hayden Christensen! Damn John! He’d kill anyone to one basically. Damn. I just want to hug Hayden!

  2. LauzG wrote: Imagine if he was a ball boy today and got hit with Andy Roddick’s 155mph serve! Ouch…then again McEnroe was a bit of a tempermentral player!!