Stars Disappointed After Golden Globes Axed

Actresses NIKKI BLONSKY and KATHERINE HEIGL have expressed their frustration
after this year’s (08) Golden Globes Awards ceremony was cancelled as a result
of the ongoing writers’ strike.

The televised event was axed by organisers Monday (07Jan08) to avoid a
celebrity-less event after the Screen Actors Guild pledged its members would
not cross the Writers Guild Of America’s picket line.

Hairspray star and Best Actress nominee Nikki Blonsky tells MTV News, “It’s
kind of like you’ve got your dress, you’re getting ready for the senior prom,
you’ve got your hair and your makeup, and somebody goes, ‘Prom’s canceled!’

“That’s what it’s like. This was going to be a super-crazy prom. But it’s not
going to be.”

Katherine Heigl, who is nominated in the Best Supporting Actress category for
her work in Grey’s Anatomy, also expressed her disappointment at the show’s

She says, “It’s really disappointing. It’s an amazing night to be with people
you respect and admire and to celebrate a year of work and a year of
entertainment. I’m gonna be missing it on Sunday, and I’m gonna be sad.”

Hairspray director Adam Shankman adds, “It’s wrong. I have just too many
friends who worked too hard this year, and (the cancellation) is denying
everybody a platform to say their cause.”

The 65th annual Golden Globe Awards was due to take place at the Beverly
Hilton hotel in Los Angeles. Instead, a news conference will take place to
announce the winners of each category.



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