‘Futurama’ Comic Con Panel + Preview From Tonight’s Episode

Last Saturday we attended the press panel for Futurama at Comic Con. The cast received a warm reception at the event, and spoke openly about the rest of the season, their future plans and more. Here’s a roundup of what they told us [Don’t read if you don’t want spoilers!]:

What’s Next:

– In the final episode of the season, Leela will lead the resistance against discrimination of mutant people.

– In one upcoming episode, characters will kiss that you don’t think would (one of them is Zoidberg).

– The 13th episode, which will be at the end of this year, will be a holiday musical that is environmentally themed, with Coolio and Al Gore.

– As for Leela and Fry, this week’s episode will give us more on that, “The Wake of Philip J. Fry”. The professor builds an “epic time machine that only goes forward” Fry & Leela will also have a shot in the 25th episode.

Other memorable moments with the Futurama cast included:

– John Di Maggio (Bender) – told a story about how he likes tattoos and went to get one late at night once (“That’s what you’re supposed to do, kids. You’d supposed to get tattoos late at night.”). There was a guy getting a Bender tattooed on his neck, so the actor signed the guy’s neck next to the image and the guy got it tattooed there.

– The writers talked about the embedded secrets and how they like each episode to stand alone, but there are little things in the background for people who watch them all.

– They have no current plans for more films (released straight to DVD), but the next one they do, they want to put in theaters.

– Billy West said “Success never taught me anything. Failure taught me everything.”

Want more? Check out the latest preview for Futurama. In the clip, it’s Leela’s birthday and she is forced to eat lunch alone due to Fry’s tardiness.