Bilson’s Paparazzi Vow

Former THE O.C. star RACHEL BILSON is determined never to be photographed
without her underwear – slamming “careless” celebrities for allowing snappers
to get shots of their private parts.

The actress insists stars should be more careful when they are out and about
as there are plenty of ways they can protect themselves from the waiting

Bilson is convinced it’s easy to escape unwanted press attention – by
avoiding well-known celebrity nightspots and always remembering to wear

She says, “I’ve seen what the paparazzi can do to someone if she’s careless
about how she gets out of a car and if she forgot her underwear. Fortunately,
I’m not one to forget about underwear. Ever.

“I’ve had these guys trying to get these shots, crotch shots, I guess, and
you think, ‘You’ve got to be kidding. This is the ultimate down and dirty

“But it’s something you can pretty easily protect yourself from. If that’s
being a celebrity, then I’m not one. I like my privacy, I like having quality
time with my dog. I grew up in Los Angeles, my family is in the business, and
it’s easy enough to avoid the obvious places where you’ll run the gauntlet.”



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