Lohan: ‘Work Stress Was The Root Of My Problems’

LINDSAY LOHAN has blamed “work stress” for the substance abuse problems that landed her in rehab last year (07).

The Mean Girls star, who spent last summer at a Utah rehabilitation centre, also claims she used drink and drugs to escape from the emotional pain brought on by being estranged from her father Michael.

Lohan, who reunited with her dad in rehab, says, “I had a lot going on in my life and that was a way of hiding from it.

“I hadn’t seen my dad. I had a lot of work stress because I was constantly working and never took time to stop.

“Everything was go-go-go, and the easiest thing was to run away from it, going out and drinking at night. You know, you don’t have to think when you let go sometimes.

“But I didn’t realize it was getting in the way of my work, what I’ve worked for my whole life.”



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