UFO Hunters – Tonight!

Are we alone in the universe? The question has always haunted humankind. Incidents involving UFOs and extraterrestrial life have been reported throughout history. UFO HUNTERSâ„¢, a new HD series on The History Channel, follows a group of experts as they subject some of history’s most intriguing UFO accounts, and the evidence surrounding them, to exhaustive scrutiny in an effort to uncover the actual facts. The series is a spinoff from the network’s hit program “UFO HUNTERS” which premiered in 2005. The new HD series UFO HUNTERS premieres Wednesday, January 30th, 2008 at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT on The History Channel.

UFO Hunters Bill Birnes, Pat Uskert, Dr. Ted Acworth, and Jeff Tomlinson are passionate about separating fact from fallacy when it comes to UFO incidents. Each brings a different background and perspective: Bill Birnes is publisher of UFO Magazine, home to one of the world’s largest collections of documentation on UFO incidents. Also from UFO Magazine is investigator Pat Uskert, who became intrigued with the UFO phenomenon after he witnessed a strange metallic object floating over Venice, California. Jeff Tomlinson is the scientific intern with the UFO HUNTERS team. They are joined by Dr. Ted Acworth of MIT, a mechanical engineer and researcher who previously worked for NASA, and brings the discipline of hard science to the team, assisting in the investigations of reported UFO incidents to determine if they are real.

Each week, the group travels to the site of a well-known UFO incident to explore the event and uncover what really happened. Using history as their guide, the UFO Hunters examine evidence such as videotapes, audiotapes, witness interviews, and files newly opened under the Freedom of Information Act, then go on location and to the lab to interview, re-construct the events, and investigate. Their journeys take them across North America and Europe in search of the truth about these UFO sightings.

UFO HUNTERS examines an incident that took place two weeks before the now-famous report of a UFO crash in Roswell, New Mexico. UFO HUNTERS: THE UFO BEFORE ROSWELL travels back to June 21st, 1947, when Harold Dahl was boating with crew and dog off the coast of Maury Island, Washington, in Puget Sound. They noticed several odd-shaped aircraft dotting the sky. One suddenly began spewing white-hot fragments over the water and onto the beach. The fiery falling debris killed Dahl’s dog and broke his son’s arm. He told the harbor patrol, who in turn reported the incident to the military. A few weeks later, two Air Force intelligence officers from Hamilton Field, California arrived in Tacoma. After conducting interviews, and collecting most of the remaining wreckage, the officers departed McChord Field in the early hours of August 1st. Shortly afterward, the airplane lost communication, and people reported seeing flames in the sky. Two people died in the crash, two others made their way through the darkness to a farmhouse. UFO HUNTERS has located the crash scene and along with an archeologist, comb the debris field, gathering and analyzing the evidence. UFO HUNTERS: THE UFO BEFORE ROSWELL premieres Wed., Jan. 30th at 10:00pm ET/PT.


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