Lopez Paid $6 Million For Baby Pics

JENNIFER LOPEZ and her husband MARC ANTHONY were paid a staggering $6 million
(#3 million) for the first pictures of their newborn twins MAX and EMME.

People magazine dug deep for the rights to show the world the month-old tots
– trumping the $1.5 million (#750,000) a rival paid pop star Christina Aguilera for the first snaps of her baby son Max.

Tabloid editors claim stars are competing to win more and more money from magazines – and that if pregnant Angelina Jolie is carrying twins, as is rumoured, she can expect a $10 million (#5 million) payday.

One magazine boss tells the New York Post, “It’s at the point now where some stars might decide to have more kids just to collect the money from their photos.”



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  1. xtremequeen wrote: This is just ridiculous. There is no photo worth that much. And, it’s not like someone wouldn’t get pictures anyway, there’s no reason to pay millions of dollars for them.

  2. Danizinha wrote: This is beyond ridiculous really. People are making money out of their children’s pictures. Please. I hope they use that money and buy some decency.

  3. pierreplover wrote: I mean, like they needed that money. Hopefully some will go to charity or the babies’ college or something. The babies are cute though.

  4. surferg12 wrote: It is a little ridiculous how much money are paid just for pictures of their babies! I mean comon, but on the other hand we would all do it if someone paid us.