Meet the Characters of ‘The Event’

As the mystery unfolds on The Event, many players will be introduced, but none more important than the four characters profiled below! Meet the key characters played by Laura Innes, Blair Underwood, Jason Ritter and sci-fi vet Zeljko Ivanek; all crucial to the deep conspiracy that will unfold before us this fall. And, there’s a fresh trailer that should definitely whet your appetite for Monday, September 20th!

Sophia Maguire
She is not a threat. What will you believe?

President Eli Martinez
The President will not be lied to. Not anymore. What will you believe?

Sean Walker
Sean wants you to believe he is not a terrorist. What will you believe?

Blake Sterling
Blake Sterling believes the people are on a need to know basis, including the president. What will you believe?

The Event is Upon Us
In our history there have been few events that have shaped mankind.


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