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Hudson Refuses To Watch Own Films

Hudson Refuses To Watch Own Films


Actress KATE HUDSON refuses to sit through the movies she has starred in – because she can’t bear to watch herself on the silver screen.

Hudson, 28, happily poses for photographs on the red carpet at the premieres of her films – but is frequently absent from the theater when the lights go down.

She explains, “It’s really a bizarre experience to see yourself in a movie and I don’t think I will ever get used to it.

“It’s almost getting worse. I still shake and sweat. I just don’t like it. I don’t know what it is.”


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  1. Alexa wrote: I think I would feel the exact same way as her. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it though. Some people don’t mind at all others are squirmish about seeing themselves onscreen

  2. Trina wrote: I can see why she wouldn’t, I would probably do the same thing, it would be weird in my opinion to see yourself in a movie..

  3. *Twinkle* wrote: I would be exactly the same way. Maybe I could watch it alone.. in my own house.. but in a cinema filled with people I admire and complete strangers. No thank you!

  4. Danizinha wrote: I also think I’d act the same way. And maybe I’d also be able to watch myself alone, but no way I’d watch my own movies with other people around me.

  5. samanthapayntr wrote: i know exactly how she feels, when i have to watch video tapes of me in plays i have to go in another room and put my hands over my ears! but she’s not really missing much, she should be glad that she missed you me and dupree!

  6. Krysie wrote: wow! all of her films are great! watch them kate 😉 well dont really blame her i suppose lol she already filmed them hm


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