Lohan Defends ‘Top Mom’ Title

LINDSAY LOHAN’s mum DINA has labeled her ex-husband MICHAEL “infantile” for
blasting her decision to skip a court-ordered family therapy session – so she
could pick up her mother of the year award.

Michael was enraged when his ex-wife was hailed as one of Minglingmoms.com’s
“top mom’s” at a Long Island, New York ceremony on Tuesday (06May08), calling
the award a “joke”.

He protested, “Are you kidding? Top celebrity mom? Look at her off-screen
antics, her lack of morals and how she conducts herself. I guess they forgot to
mention how this top super-mom leaves her kids alone at night and even parties
in their presence. Just wait until we go back to court. She comes stumbling out
of Butter at 3:15 a.m. with bloodshot eyes and a red runny nose, yelling ‘Oh,
f**k,’ when she saw the paparazzi.”

Dina now fears Michael’s “jealous” outrage will result in his violation of
the restraining order she holds against him until 2011.

She says, “He’s a loose cannon. He’s jealous that I got the award. He even
called the organizers and tried to talk them out of giving it to me. He called
the owner of the restaurant hosting the event and then called the press himself
to say I wasn’t going.

“He’s using the media to talk to me. I’m getting nervous. Lindsay came to
town two weeks ago and wanted security guys there in case he showed up. His
parole officer needs to see what he’s doing and realize that he cannot address
me directly or indirectly. He wears a tracking device and they’ll know if he
comes anywhere near me. He’s on a mission to destroy me.”



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