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Fox Ordered To Fatten Up

Fox Ordered To Fatten Up


The world’s sexiest woman, MEGAN FOX, has been ordered to put on weight for the forthcoming TRANSFORMERS sequel, because she’s too skinny.

Director Michael Bay has told Fox, who topped FHM’s recent annual poll of beauties, to add 10 pounds (4.5 kilograms) to her frame before she starts shooting the blockbuster sequel later this summer (08).

The 22-year-old actress tells Fox News, “I’d lost a lot of weight and I got really scrawny, but I was told I had to put on a size for Transformers because (director Michael Bay) doesn’t like skinny girls.”

And she’s taking the advice very seriously: “I eat red velvet cake before I go to bed every night. If you eat meals later, you’ll put on weight faster, so I had dinner at 10pm.”


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  1. Taminar wrote: Wow, that’s amazing! I notice how skinny the actresses are when a modern actress is doing a period role. Most are not only too thin, but they are too muscular to be authentic. That said, I wish I had Ms. Fox’s problem of being too scrawny!

  2. beesknees wrote: Makes sense since it is an action movie, you wouldn’t want some scrawny chick running around looking like she was about to pass out for the duration of the film.


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