Spears Snapped Smoking Next To Son

BRITNEY SPEARS’ parenting skills have come under question once again after she exposed her young son to second-hand smoke.

The pop star was photographed with her two-year-old son Sean Preston on Sunday (20Jul08) as he attempted to play with his mum’s cigarettes.

Spears is seen in the photos standing in a bikini next to Sean Preston as she lights up. The curious toddler holds a lighter in one hand and reaches for a pack of his mother’s Marlboros with the other.

Taken from the Toxic star’s Beverly Hills, California home, Spears is snapped reaching down for the pack to stop her curious son taking them.

Spears and her ex-husband Kevin Federline settled their ongoing custody dispute concerning their two young sons – Sean Preston and Jayden James, one – on Thursday (17Jul08), following a bitter 18-month battle.

Under the agreement, which is currently awaiting approval from a judge, Federline retains sole custody of the boys while Spears maintained her allotted two visits and one overnight stay each week.

Studies have proven links between second-hand smoke and childhood illnesses, including ear infections, bronchitis, asthma and other respiratory ailments.



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  1. lisa wrote: OH please!!! Give me a big fat break!!!
    Now she is killing him because she smokes around him? I’m not a smoker but this is rediculous.

  2. Alexa wrote: It’s only because she’s a celebrity that it’s a big deal. How many times have I walked down the street seeing parents smoking in front of their babies and kids. It’s horrible sure, but the only reason they seem to think it’s a big deal is because it’s Britney doing it.

  3. Taminar wrote: If they’re going to point fingers at Britney, then they need to ban smoking around children, period. My dad smoked around me all my life, and I think it caused me to develop allergies to smoke. My husband’s definitely allergic — he’s sick for days if he’s around someone who smokes. Made things real complicated when my dad was alive.

  4. Kristen wrote: She shouldn’t smoke around the kids, but still. If this was a regular person smoking around the kids, it would be normal. It’s Britney, they will always be tougher on her about things, especially after all thats happened.