Alba Hooked On The Olympics

Actress JESSICA ALBA has become such an Olympics fan she has taken to reporting on it in cyberspace.

The new mum admits she can’t get enough Olympic action as America and China compete to win the major medals haul in Beijing, and she has let everyone know how she has excited she is via her page.

Alba says she and her husband, Cash Warren, are chalking up hours in front of the TV as they watch the coverage of the 2008 games. She writes, “Cash and I have been glued to the Olympics. How amazing was the opening ceremony?!? I still don’t know how they co-ordinated 2008 people to move in perfect sync.”

And she has become a big fan of America’s male swimming team, fronted by Michael Phelps, after it claimed a miracle gold in the relay: “The men’s 400M relay was insane. We were down by almost a half body length going into the final turn and then next thing you knew it was closer, closer, closer until we touched the wall first! Cash and I went crazy.”



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  1. xtremequeen wrote: If ever there was an Olympics to be excited about it’s this one. I watched just to see if Michael Phelps was as big of a deal as everyone was saying. He absolutely was…only 3 more gold medals to go !