Tisdale: ‘Guys Are Jealous Of Efron’

HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL star ASHLEY TISDALE has warned potential suitors she
stand for jealously in a relationship – especially against her co-star ZAC

The 23-year-old is looking for a potential boyfriend, but has been put
because most young men get envious when they see her surrounded by
hunks, particularly her Disney pal Efron.

She tells America’s Seventeen magazine, “I’m always surrounded by
good-looking guys, like Zac Efron. So I have to be with someone who’s not
to get jealous about any of that, or when I’m kissing somebody in a scene.”

And Tisdale insists the man in her life will have to come to terms with
having Efron around – because they’ve been friends for years.

She says, “He’s so funny, and you can just chill and hang out with him.
met years ago through a mutual friend, so we were friends for a long time
before HSM (High School Musical).”



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