Nokia Supernova Update

Imagine finding a phone that belongs to somebody else; filled with personal text messages, contacts, diary entries, photos, voicemails and private video clips. It’s like having a window into somebody’s entire life. Would you be tempted to look through it?

For the last month a digi-real drama from Nokia has followed the lives of Anna, Luca and Jade in intimate detail through their Nokia 7610 handsets. Fans can learn everything about the characters through their text messages, photos, videos and calls on

The story will be drawing to a close in mid-December and will see the characters converge on Paris for one final fling.
To celebrate the end of the drama we are giving fans the chance to win a pair of tickets to the fabulous Colette Party in Paris on Dec 11th where they will get the VIP treatment with Anna, Luca, Jade and the rest of the cast.

Girls can head over to the Jamie Morgan site to see if their bewitching looks and sparkling personality can charm tickets out of him, and the boys can hook up with Jade on Facebook to see if they catch her discerning eye.
Of course, if you’re feeling hard-up, you can join Anna’s catering company and sneak in to the party under the guise of work.

The party’s on. All YOU need to do is choose how you’re getting there!


Inspired by my Muse of the Month? Want to go to a fabulous Colette Party in Paris on Dec 11th? If you are over 18 then just email me a picture of yourself and a short description of who you are to [email protected] before Nov 25th. One lucky girl (+ a friend) will get a free ticket to Paris, fabulous hotel stay and an invite to a fashion packed party!


Catering person needed to support waitress/model Anna Randall at a glamorous party in Paris on Dec 11th.
Job description: Serving champagne for half an hour then party!

You (+ a friend) could be going to Paris; travel, accommodation and VIP treatment included!
To be considered, send an email before Nov 25th with a short description of yourself to [email protected]


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