Linda Hogan Worried about Making Alleged Hit List

Just because Linda Hogan isn’t Ed Graziano’s estranged wife doesn’t mean she’s not spooked.

Hulk Hogan’s soon-to-be-ex missus has expressed concern that Graziano, who was arrested yesterday on suspicion of hiring a hit man to kill his estranged wife, Debra, may also have targeted the former Hogan Knows Best matriarch.

“Any threat from Ed Graziano would and is being taken very seriously,” Hogan said in a statement Friday.

Graziano’s son, John, was left with permanent brain damage after Nick Hogan’s 2007 DUI crash, for which Nick served close to five months in jail on a reckless-driving charge.

Linda’s publicist told Tampa Bay’s that sources close to the case informed Hogan that Graziano made threats against her and that Hogan was “scared to death.”

The Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office has confirmed that Graziano is accused of paying more than $2,000—$1,100 in cash, $1,000 by personal check and $13.06 on a pizza gift card—to arrange for his wife to lose her life in a fatal car accident.

A tipster informed officials of the alleged plan, and an undercover officer posed as a middleman for Graziano while authorities investigated.

Meanwhile, Hogan wasn’t the only one distressed by this turn of events.

“She is saddened by all of this,” Debra Graziano’s attorney said in a statement yesterday. “She can’t believe so much tragedy can strike one family. Her main purpose is concentrating on John getting better.”