Author: Krysie

Robert Pattinson Sinks His Fangs Into New Film

Robert Pattinson starring as a hot young thing struggling with a star-crossed love? It could work. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Twilight’s broodiest vampire has

Christina Ricci Engaged?

Is Christina Ricci engaged to her über-new boyfriend, Owen Benjamin? According to our source, the pair—who met on set of their movie All’s Faire in

Kristen Stewart: I Love Myself

Well, we know that girls are in love with Kristen Stewart, but apparently she doesn’t have any self-confidence issues, either. Such shocking info about the

Jen and John Split-What Else Is New?

You all endlessly bitched to us when we played messenger hinting that Jen Aniston and John Mayer were slowly yawning out of their relaysh. Now

Speidi is Stickin’ Around After The Hills

Lauren Conrad’s heave-ho-ing herself outta The Hills, which means we’re inevitably gonna be stuck with more Speidi than ever before. Thanks, Laur. “I don’t think

House: Does a Castmember Leave?

OK, “maybe” isn’t a lot, but it’s not a “no.” So that means it’s probably a “yes.” Right? Right. Either way, thus was the answer

Lance Bass is Looking for Love

Lance Bass may be a successful matchmaker for his pals, but unfortunately he’s having trouble working the same magic when it comes to his own

U2 Takes Down Taylor Swift.. WHAAAT?!

All that snow shoveling, Letterman groveling and price cutting paid off for U2. The little band from Dublin did something few others could—knock Taylor