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Lost Episode Recap: The Incident

Lost Episode Recap: The Incident


After a long time coming, Jacob was officially introduced to the series last night after many seasons of vague blackness shrouding the island’s insider. Jacob’s plan is almost immediately shown, when we see him meeting a young Kate stealing a lunchbox, or a young Sawyer writing an angry note of revenge at a funeral. A lot is explained through these meetings, Sayid loses his longtime love and wife Nadia to a hit and run after Jacob stops him for directions. Sun and Jin get one more guest at their wedding. Jack gets an extra candy bar after a tense surgery. Jacob is the man here. He is the one that brings back life to a fallen man, pushed out of a window by his father.

It is that man, John Locke, who is out to kill Jacob in 2007. Although during the finale he changes his mind and makes Ben note this. That might be because Locke wants Ben to kill Jacob. Ben has gotten an eternal Locke is Screwing Me Over look and this brings it out even more. Not forgetting his dead daughter’s words after appearing to him, Ben follows through on everything.

In 1977, Sawyer and Kate are at odds in the sub over going back to the island. Good thing Juliet steps in to change Sawyer’s mind for him and forces the Dharma Initiative members aboard to go back at gun point. That is when this hardcore trio decides to find Jack and stop him. In the meantime, Jack is in a bit of trouble. Richard ends his journey with the bomb and takes Elouise with him after knocking her out. While in disguise back in Dharma territory, Sayid and Jack are on their own and are recognized by Roger Linus. Roger realizes he is face to face with his son’s attempted murderer and a shoot-out ensues. Jack barely manages to flee with a injured Sayid, thanks to Hurley, Jin and Miles showing up in the flashy blue VW van. At the same time, Kate, Sawyer and Juliet are going through the forest and run into Rose, Bernard and Vincent. Still following me here? Bernard is, with a new beard that doesn’t suit him.

After they get a moral issues lecture from the missed married couple, the threesome set off again. Not too much time passes before they run into Jack. Sawyer won’t let them pass until he and Jack talk. He only asks for five minutes. This five minutes drags on after Sawyer and Jack get into a mock to the death fight. Sayid is still bleeding to death, mind you. Good thing, yet again, Juliet intervenes. The bad part is she is not too pleased with Sawyer. Juliet confronts Sawyer about the possible feelings he and Kate may have for each other. Sawyer isn’t hearing it, but Juliet breaks up with him anyway.

Jack and Kate also briefly reunite after she promises to be on his side with the bomb. As long as Jack has a plan, Kate wants to help him. We see this happen after Jack leaves everyone with the bomb and goes to the energy fields. It’s not long before he is caught and about to get shot to death when we see the VW gang show up. It’s right around this time when things get anti-climatic. 30 seconds too long is when Jack decides to drop the bomb. Everyone is at the point of dying from suspense. Scratch that. Those evil former Dhrama buddies are out for blood. Also, everything that is made of metal starts to come crashing down, beckoning to the call of those evil energy fields. However, Juliet also joins this process thanks to some metal chains that she becomes entangled with. Kate and Sawyer are both quick to hold on at the verge of the drop off point. Sawyer won’t let go. Juliet is ready to let go. As the death scene approaches, the former lovers nail the scene of denial and losing someone you love.

The end is the clincher. Ben and Locke visit Jacob’s pad AKA the giant Four Toed statue that was making viewers go WTF. It’s still on the island. Only a foot remains. Jacob is waiting. Locke messes with Ben’s mind and creates the confrontation for Ben vs. Jacob. Locke succeeds when Ben stabs Jacob. Then we learn that it’s not Locke. All the Losties are reunited when Frank shows up with Ilana and co. After burning down Jacob’s other pad, they come bearing gifts in the form of a metallic box. Locke’s body. Ben has always killed Locke. So who is the fake Locke? It can only be the man we see when Jacob is first introduced, the mystery man who only spoke of loopholes before we saw an 1600’s styled ship approach Jacob’s domain. It’s this same man that might be behind it all, including using Ben as a puppet to kill Jacob. The seemingly immortal Jacob meets his fate at the hands of his real enemy but not until warning Ben and Fake Locke that “They are coming”.

Also, it turns out Juliet didn’t completely fall to her death and get crushed. She is alive. She sees the bomb and decides to go out like a fighter, right after detonating it. So who is coming and who is the Fake Locke? What is going to happen in 1977 and 2007? I guess that is what 2010 is for.

Recap written by: Cristina Roock


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