Tracy Morgan Slams Former SNL Cast Mates

Tracy Morgan is releasing a new biography and, reportedly, it contains some less than favorable comments about former SNL cast mates Chris Kattan and Cheri Oteri.

When discussing his 10-year stint on Saturday Night Live, Morgan writes that he was disrespected by fellow cast members Chris Kattan and Cheri Oteri, and quickly turns the tables on the comics. (”Where’s Chris Kattan now? Where’s Cheri Oteri now? That b—- can’t even get arrested.”)

Apparently, Morgan’s anger is so deep-seated, he went off-script while recording his audiobook saying, “They never going to host Saturday Night Live. And I don’t mean — that’s not even me, but that’s what happened to me over there. They never treated me well. There were people that treated me beautifully, like Will Ferrell and Colin Quinn and Molly Shannon — I love them. But Cheri Oteri and Chris Kattan — I never cared for them either. F— ‘em.”

‘I Am the New Black’ goes on sale Oct. 20.


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  1. We all have to work with people we don’t get along with sometimes. I wouldn’t choose a lot of people I’ve worked with over the years — as co-workers or as friends. What good is doing to write a book saying how mean they were to him? It comes across as petty.