Kristen Stewart Cares About The ‘Twilight’ Fans

Kristen Stewart recently talked about how she’s been misunderstood with her comments about the end of filming of ‘New Moon’. Stewart assures fans that she does indeed care about the importance of ‘Twilight’ to the fans.

“If you make movies and you don’t care about the people who watch, then you probably are just wanting to be rich and famous.” Stewart told Parade. “The fact that these movies are important to so many people makes me so happy. I care that they care.”

The actress says that a comment she made at this year’s Comic Con was taken the wrong way, “I said at Comic-Con that my favorite moment on ‘New Moon’ was when we wrapped. People took it the wrong way. It wasn’t like I was glad it was over, it was just such a memorable moment for me because I literally fell apart. I went like, ‘Aaagh’. I almost couldn’t handle it.”


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